It’s The Kool-Aid Man!

My last post has blown up in the most epic of manners.  I have gone from barely breaking 10,000 views to now having nearly 15,000, and all from one piece of writing.  Along with that have come a flurry of negative comments aimed at my country, my job, my profession, my comrades, my personal life, and my accomplishments.  There have been some true historians that have attempted to educate me on why I have all the details of what happened in Iraq all wrong (mind you, they never went there), and that Pearl Harbor was our own fault for putting embargoes on the Japanese.  There have been true patriots that have gone about letting me know how corrupt my government is and how we are working for the bankers (while I’m sure they have a credit card, retirement plan, home loan, car loan, and a bank account to begin with).  There have been the murderer comments.  There have been film reviews when the amount I addressed the movie was minimal (to include purposefully snide comments directed personally to insult me for liking “American Sniper”).  There were global police comments.  There have been insults upon dead servicemen.  There have been people who support Jesse Ventura in his pursuit of a lawsuit against a widow.  There have been worse racial comments than referring to insurgent fighters as “savages”.  There have been people justifying the actions of terrorists, genocidal dictators, and armies that played “catch the baby” with bayonets.  And beyond all of that there have been some base, weak name calling (I got called a donkey).
185531_10150758170715697_332039_nApparently, with these types of people, if you show any inkling of supporting the country in which you live, despite its flaws, you are some sort of brainwashed zombie.  As I was told many times.  I also got accused of “drinking the Kool-Aid”.  Often.  As I have been informed I should “lay off the Kool-Aid”.  I don’t understand what this brilliant masters of the keyboard have against Kool-Aid!  It’s delicious!  I’ve drank it since I was a young boy, riding my bike around the neighbor and ramping it off of anything I could find.  All flavorful and packed full of sugar, it’s wonderful!  Love that stuff!  Personally, my favorite flavor was always grape, but you had to have some variety in there.  Sometimes, you gotta suck it up and drink the orange drank, so that you can really appreciate grape, cherry, and fruit punch.  I drank so much of when I was younger, you had might as well call me the Kool-Aid Man!  OH YEEAAHH!
Kool_Aid_Man_With_GunI mean, I’ve busted through a few Iraqi walls in my day.  I mean, all of those thirsty people in the desert, you know they just wanted some Kool-Aid brought to them, courtesy of America.  So when I read comments like “You should stop drinking the Kool Aid please”  I guess it makes sense, because I should be sharing it with those less fortunate in third world countries.  You guys know who looks SUPER thirsty?  ISIS!  They look like they could use a little Kool-Aid!  Then maybe they wouldn’t go around beheading people on Youtube.  I would be happy to bring some Kool-Aid to them to quench their dry mouths.  I would bust right through their walls, and just give them an entire face full of Kool-Aid!

But there’s apparently some people in America that could use a little Kool-aid brought to them.  Which I don’t understand, since we live in such a privileged country.  I mean, in America we have the right and ability to freely go to the store and pick up some Kool-Aid, and despite our economy not quite being up to what it used to be, Kool-Aid is fairly inexpensive, making it affordable to most people even in our lower income groups.  But guys like ISIS in impoverished countries, are too busy making sure women don’t show their faces, and people don’t look at porn, and chasing after people who draw pictures of their prophet to be able to go to the store.  That and their economics are so much worse than ours that Kool-Aid is hardly affordable to even what is considered their middle class.  That’s why they need it brought to them.

koolaid-vampireThere is, however, not an endless supply of Kool-Aid.  And that is unfortunate.  The pitcher gets refilled once you start handing out Kool-Aid to people.  Its filled with the spilled blood of our troops that have died in combat.  They go to fight the fights for our nation, and from time to time their blood is shed.  They volunteered for this.  They do it so the world will one day enjoy the freedom of Kool-Aid, and not just Americans.  Everyone deserves to have a little big of Kool-Aid in their lives, despite where they were born.  Especially little kids who want nothing more than to be able and go ramp their bikes off of whatever jumps they can find.  Maybe if more people in America went about chipping in to help make a few pitchers of Kool-Aid, the amount that our troops would have to give to fill a pitcher would be less?  I guess until then, I’ll just have to bear listening to a bunch of people who have never known the joys of Kool-Aid critique my writings from the comfort of their home, while America’s troops continue to fill the pitcher in the name of a bunch of people who would betray them for some other beverage, like Funny Face, Hawaiian Punch, Tang (that awful, no diversity having crap), and Haterade (which seems to be the favorite of a few of the people commenting).  On that note, I believe I’ll go mix some tropical punch up and enjoy all of those views that my blog got, regardless of the, comparably, handful of haters that had shit to say.
design-860-2013-06-24-12-54-21Arctic Kool-Aid, out.



43 thoughts on “It’s The Kool-Aid Man!

  1. unfortunately the facts about pearl harbor in the other thread were correct – just read the real history about it. the USA did in fact pressure Japan into the attack and there are plenty of facts that seem to support that most all those ships were left neatly lined up for a reason…

    while i am on “your side” in most things, i find it near comical that i see many attacking that overstuffed twinkie michael moore over his comments yet completely ignoring what our own government says about “us”. read the news, and you will see that a large percentage of our own politicians say worse about “you” then michael more has…

    do you know what the NDAA is? do you know or understand how the last dozen or more of executive orders have nearly destroyed the Bill of Rights and weaken to nearly nothing the US Constitution? (this link here has many complied into it)

    did you mean your Oath? are you aware that there are many in our current government that are attacking the very Constitution that you swore to protect? are you doing anything about it? or are you blissfully unaware of it while you like the majority are more wrapped up in their daily lives?

    what do you think that our own POTUS cannot manage to say the term “radical islam” while it is so obvious to the rest of the world as to who has been attacking us? do you think the attack on Fort Hood was “workplace violence”? as the white house has classified it?

    do you know that our own Department of Homeland Security has returning veterans as one of it’s biggest threat? you are considered a domestic terrorist to your own county!

    this site has a big list of things that are all linked to the source documents they reference…

    just curious what your thoughts are on these?


    • Dsd, I appreciate your tact in your approach. I certainly respond better to that than accusative nutjobs that want to tell me exactly how they feel about people that they’ve never met and places they’ll never go. You comment was rather lengthy and I’m on my phone, so I don’t feel I can give the warranted response at this time. Do know that your comment hasn’t been ignored and that the generalized answer I can leave you with is yes to most of your questions.


  2. “But there’s apparently some people in America that could use a little Kool-aid brought to them.”

    These are your own words Specter. Remember them. Those are the words of a TRAITOR. This why I will not pay taxes or support you. May God have mercy on your soul.


    • According to the likes of you, I have no soul for there to be mercy wasted on. How are you such a REAL American HERO, yet are so against your own country? Would it not just be more convenient for you to maybe be a REAL Swiss HERO? Or maybe a REAL Polish HERO instead? Seems like a lot of effort coming from you engaging low level bloggers for something you don’t care for to begin with.

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      • I served honorably and never murdered in cold blood like you are so pround of doing. You’ll be right next to chris pyle shovelin coal to stoke the fires. Remember me when you are there for eternity. You just watch, you will be deployed by your master and then left to die in hostile territory, and not one American will even care. Because we will be busy actually defending our lives and families against your fellow brain-damaged monsters.


        • You do know the only reason I keep responding to you is for chuckles, right?
          If you are trying to troll me, it’s not working, because I think you are just flat-out ridiculous.
          If you are indeed sincere in how you feel, then you must have a sad and fearful life. The best part of all of this, is that for all the things I have had to do in my life, my conscience is clear. Enjoy knowing that while you continue to call me a monster.


        • “Served honorably” where, and doing what? And “never murdered in cold blood”? WTF? Sounds much like the rear echelon mf we had in Nam… i was one of those spit on at LAX, by those with tie dyed lives… i was not older than many of them, and they did not know me, but they hated just like you, because they – like you – don’t understand. Listen well, “Real”, you are as much or more of a duped fool, as you state others are. A tool of those who have brainwashed you. I have not read one original thought in any of your comments. Where may I find your blog, so I can be enlightened by your viewpoint?


          • Both wrong. 11B2C2BP-H. Sherman-JOTC Kobbe-2/187th Benning-2nd ITG Campbell-3/187th I was once just as you are now. I’m just trying to open your eyes to the fact that the US is no longer a Nation, but in fact a foreign corporation. We would rather have you guys with the We The People. I’m in my 50s and have had time to do the research. Try it sometime. You will be the ones “enlightened”.


          • I am a Sir these days. You are not. There are 22 million veterans in America these days and many are training up the civilians. You really should be more respectful of your betters. Now go on and play sniper over there. We will take care of what you leave behind -unguarded.


          • “Real American Hero” is a deluded Cool-aid drinker (in the pejorative sense), himself. He supplies a link to the destroyed argument alleging the US is a foreign corporation formed by the act of 1871.
            He’s either a moron, and his “research” only went as far as reading a webpage, or he is attempting to get folks in serious trouble.
            I worked for years trying to educate people on the truth of the destroyed patriot arguments, and to get people out of trouble. Finally gave up on that.
            Here’s a link to a page that addresses some of the destroyed arguments that have gotten people into trouble, including addressing the act of 1871: Type “1871” into the search window and it will take you directly to the reality of that phony argument. Then scroll to the bottom of the page regarding the FDCPA, and read the section under 28 U.S.C. § 3002, and follow the supplied link. You can also read the the whole chapter starting at 28 U.S.C. § 3001 from here:

            As Larry Becraft, the attorney who put the destroyed arguments page together asks: “Why do so many people spread lies?”

            I for one am happy this guy is leaving the country. We won’t have to watch our backs for him.


  3. Brother, although from a previous generation and a previous war; be assured you do not stand alone. Although changed over the years, I was 8654 when active duty… and once a Marine, always a Marine. I too agree with your beverage assessment, although always partial to lime Kool Aid- which we called bug juice, because it resembled what dad put in the car for windshield washer fluid… As a Grandpa now, I admit to being partial to Blue Moon… except when the memories, and the reality of today’s foolishness are too strong, then make mine bourbon. Do not let the bastard get you down, Scripturally we’ve been cautioned that “there are none so blind than those who WILL NOT see.” It’s their choice. When it comes down, and it will come down – we’ll save them anyway, because that’s what we do. And they’ll hate us, because that’s what they do… be blessed brother, keep the faith

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    • Lime was only a sometimes drink. I wasn’t that big on it, but I definitely see what you’re saying about the bug juice.

      But yeah, you’re right. As much as imbeciles like REAL American Zero here are annoying gnats that could use a swat, it will come down to the fact that I’ll keep protecting them, and they’ll keep their freedoms to call me a murderer in the process.


      • “But yeah, you’re right. As much as imbeciles like REAL American Zero here are annoying gnats that could use a swat, it will come down to the fact that I’ll keep protecting them, and they’ll keep their freedoms to call me a murderer in the process.”

        this is exactly what MY fears and concerns ARE based on.

        this is exactly what the politicians in our country are fermenting – they are dividing “us” as fast and as much as they can – causing so much infighting that nobody is looking at what THEY are doing.

        while the many divisions in our once great Country are in-fighting the government is passing bills that qualify BOTH sides in this argument as domestic terrorists. that’s all of us – soon we will all be on the same side all right. but the wrong one as far as i cam concerned. the only ones that aren’t on the radar currently are the hand fed sheep who patiently wait for their next handout and the 30 million other illegal takers that are jockeying for a position to vote illegally all for the promise of more free handouts.

        the reality is just like in nazi germany, hitler was elected, he calmly made all the laws legally that were foreshadowing the coming insanity while the sheep grazed ignorantly in the fields. once he had amassed all the necessary power the night of a thousand knives happened and he cleared the middle ranks that 1. knew too much, and 2. were close enough to possibly affect his plans. and then 3. the “useful idiots” that ignorantly voted all this in were “cleaned up” too as they were no longer needed, and the government no longer wanted nor needed to waste resources on “feeding the sheep”

        when the self appointed royalty in our country is leaving our brothers to die like in benghazi and the POSTUS is MIA (nobody still knows where he was) and hilliary in waiting is screaming “what does it matter” that our Countrymen were left in a very clear military ambush – while the whitehouse and mainstream media that would do Goebbels proud is pointing the finger at a YouTube video as the cause and the massives of Sheep in our country nod their head and go back to eating their frankenfood and watching dancing with the stars – while the politicians are busy enacting the next presidential decree to take away more and more of our freedoms…

        and it seems very few are noticing all this… WTF… seriously – 8 Trillion in dollars in spending the past 6 years, literally buying our own debt! the economy is STILL on life support, real unemployed (U3, U6) is more in the 20% range and above if you ignore the statistics that they revise the math to every few weeks to get their desired numbers to placate the masses who read the headlines only…

        and we have men in here, that both sides will be needed in whatever coming event may put a serious hurting on our Country fighting back and forth over silly stuff.

        but… it is just as they want. reminds me of how iraq and all the middle eastern countries are run – so many sects and infighting that the dictators get to do whatever they want, and use the wealth of the countries to enforce and rule however they damn well please – seriously this is rapidly becoming the “normal” operations by what was once the US Government.

        i see uproar over a fat michigan movie maker and a pot head from canada disparaging our Country and service members – but near NOTHING about the real serious events happening that are going on behind the curtain. the POTUS brings a college athlete who decides to announce he is gay on air force one to major public events, while the families of all the seals killed in a very questionable raid get a form letter – i have serious problems with the reversal of these situations – once should not even matter at the presidential level – the other should – yet it’s bizarro land and everything is upside down and backwards!

        the two most serious issues with citizens in the USA i see are these two things

        Normalcy bias
        Cognitive Dissonance

        both of these i think as well as the constant stick prodding to keep “us” fighting among ourselves is the cover they are using that will eventually be the undoing of the entire Country.

        remember the Department of Homeland Security has already qualified probably everyone one of “us” in these comments (and millions more) as domestic terrorists. THEN WHAT? what will “we” do then? who will you fight for and who will you be fighting against? this is what i am worried about…


      • I retired from business at the age of 40. I have moved my family out of the US and I am in the process of liquidating my assets here in CONUS. I am not a “Buck” anything- though I have recieved 2 Honorable Discharges from the U.S.A.
        I understand you are a true “believer”. There is still hope for you.
        If you bother to read any of these documents you would understand that the ‘freedoms” you think you are protecting don’t exist anymore within America. Our Country has been taken over and the majority could care less. America needs it’s fighting men here- not over there.

        The public signing of the ‘Military Commissions Act of 2006’ which “suspended habeas corpus” allowing the president to declare you an ‘enemy combatant’ and end your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment. A private investigation reveals that the Social Security Number being used by Barack Obama does not pass a check with E-Verify, the electronic system the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services.


        • First off, you’ve come to a satirical post in response to accusations from people of your mentality. What did you expect to find here in the comments section? Satisfaction? Retribution? Salvation? Apologies? You’ll get none from me. Furthermore, I am well aware of all of the information that you have said. I do my research. I interact with plenty enough III%er’s that I am kept up to date on many things. I don’t need some random militia man that wants to puff his 11B2 at me letting me know that I could easily be thrown in GITMO simply because I display “terroristic tendencies”. Though, apparently, I would just be released for a deserter with 4 of my new friends anyways. I don’t buy into every single piece of “intelligence” that comes down unofficial channels. Why? Apparently, each year, for the last 5 years that I can remember, the UN has been going to take our guns on a December 24th. Still got mine? Maybe I live under different conditions than other Americans? You see, there is just as much false, bad, and counter-intel that gets dissiminated as well as the true stuff. I like to keep my feelers out before I bite on every worm. Some have hooks. Some aren’t real worms at all, no matter how hard you try to push them into other people’s mouths.

          As for your remark about the president’s social security number, this has been a thing for 7-ish years now. Nothing has been successful in removing him from his seat of power thus far, why would you expect that with two years to go that statement is going to change any damn thing? It hasn’t and it won’t. If you believe that you’re going to truly accomplish that, then you need to review what you said about NDAA and remember that people in power like to stay in power. He made a very simple solution to take care of opposition to his legitamacy. As you can see, due to events concerning the IRS and Secret Service, they aren’t afraid to approach civilians that give them an inkling of concern. Tacking on to your conspiracies though, you might have missed out on this one, which seems like your style of reading material

          Furthermore, don’t come on my page saying you were an 11B2, retired at 40, and expect me to take you seriously. You obviously were so stellar that you promoted appropriately. Much less now having people calling you sir. I can only imagine that you’re running around bossing some civilians around with some shiney captain’s bars or such as you practice battle drill 1A in preparation for the inevitable culling of the American populace. While that’s admirable that you want to train guys to be prepared, as I know a few who do it, having them call you sir, and expecting me to be impressed simply isn’t going to happen.

          Regardless of all of that, like you just said, you’re on your way out anyways, enjoy being a REAL American Hero somewhere that isn’t America.


          • Huh? I left the army at age 25. I ran a successful business in civilian life. I made well and retired very young. I attribute that to my father and the discipline the military gave me. My family has left what once was the greatest country on earth. I AM selling any remaining properties left here and moving the wealth offshore as it will soon be stolen by this criminal regime-one way or another. As far as leaving this shithole called FUSA, who in their right mind would want to stay in a war-mongering socialist country other than – war mongering socialists? BTW accomplished men have earned the the title Sir. If. IF, you are lucky enough to reach my age, you may understand somewhat better the situation you now find yourself in. If it weren’t for someone who carelessly posted your Red Line article over at WRSA I would have never heard of your “low level” site. That enormous “uptick” in hits was in most likelyhood, because of the massive following he has over there. Watch the series “Sons of Liberty” on the history Channel and you will see just where this land now finds itself. You are serving no one but the bankers(insert King) and yourself. We need not you or anyone else to “protect” us. What a joke! Good day AS


        • RAH, i would use another example other than Sons of Liberty- here is history Channel own disclaimer. “SONS OF LIBERTY is a dramatic interpretation of events that sparked a revolution. It is historical fiction, not a documentary.”


          • Yeah. that and “Real American Hero” lol. I was making fun of it at the time.I’m no hero. I just wanted to be left alone and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Instead, I have been forced to eat the shit that .gov shovels to us daily. All the while, I and every other American who has the means to do so, is forced to pay for that tasty manure by threat of death- that’s called freedom by many in this land. The GWOT is a well contrived deadly psy-op designed by PNAC to destroy sovereign nations in order to bring them into the bankers NWO. The purpose of off-shoring jobs and manufacturing was to maximize corporation profits and force the unemployed into military service, and IMO, kill and maim as many young fighting-age men as possible, in order to reduce civil blowback here in the states. It has worked perfectly. This country will be left as nothing more than a prison camp inhabited by an impoverished, dumbed-down, peasant class. This country desperately needs its people and its military to wake-up and fight for the restoration of these once United States. Good luck to you all in the coming unpleasantness.


  4. Ok wait… “retired from business at age 40″…. moved my family out and liquidating my assets in CONUS…
    If all that is so, then you are an ex-patriate. You have made your decision, leave America. I’m good with that, “sir”. Now all that remains is for you to butt out. And a gentle word of advice – be very careful of what you say and who you say it to; here there be monsters.


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  6. I’m already older than you. I am quite successful, and not retired because thankfully I find my chosen field of endeavor rewarding. I also refuse to be “run out of the country” of my birth, and that I still hold dear; because I don’t run, and I don’t back down. I also do not need the approval of people who cannot spell “likelihood”; or who get information from “teevee”. I don’t have time for the History Channel, or a series, for heaven’s sake. My response to you was due to your unmerited vitriol regarding my MOS. You have done and said nothing to dissuade me from the opinion I formed when I first read your nonsense. You have done nothing to earn “sir” from me, and if you consider yourself of the lll%, as I do, then why are you leaving the country? You are no patriot, you would rather leave than fight and that is your decision. But because you picked up some things from CA at WRSA, and other things from Alex Jones, and decided to jump in, do not expect respect. Since you haven’t learned to respect your betters, respect your elders.


  7. Hey RAH [rah, sis boom bah], if you made any of your money off the government and you’re sporting a title of nobility I hope you got congressional approval. It’ll take some of us about an hour to find out who you are, and the treasury has a looonnng reach. Bankers gonna gitcher neck.

    That’ll hurt worse than any punk with a rusty gat. Cheers.


    • I made it spraying paint and bangin nails for extremely rich folks. Nobility? I do come from a royal bloodline from 16th century Spain but I don’t think that counts. Look man, all of you guys, It’s just that it seems to me, nobody is taking this shit serious. After years and years of trying to wake people up with no measurable results- what does one do? A large majority of americans are very happy with the way things are. I can’t stand it any longer. If I don’t leave, I’ll lose everything.


      • for heaven’s sake, real – why’n the hell didn’t every other comment read like this one? I mean, no one demeans, or doesn’t understand – the state of disunion pisses us all off… but the remarks about those of us in the lll% who served – especially those of us who’s MOS was high speed, long distance lead poisoning… c’mon man. I was in construction myself (after time as a different type contractor) and made a great life. But I only return as is given, as I believe most here do. Godspeed to you and yours, and if those of us who stay ever get this goatfuck fixed, well we’ll see you around.

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        • I want you and the Author to know, it was I that wrote the contrite apology on WRSA regarding my fubar’d comments on this post and Red Lines. I’ll work to steer the hard-heads in the right direction towards making things work between the different cultures. I’m not gone yet.

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          • I had a sneaking suspicion that was the case RAH, just didn’t want to make any false assumptions. Big of you to admit your change of heart. It really is appreciated as well as the support on the WRSA posting. Hopefully we can put this tif behind us and carry on. If you haven’t yet, feel free to like the corresponding facebook page for my blog and feel free to contact me on there.


  8. Hey “Rea”l give it a rest. You’re leaving on the next train and so on. So go, be well, and have a great day. Christ yer gonna frickin stroke out on the internet? Maybe you need to go back to work. Maybe get a dog, take it for a walk, do something. Relax man.

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