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I was born in Indiana, grew up in an old money, religious based town in Kentucky, and joined the Marine Corps right after high school. There, I went to Iraq twice, got married, had a ton of adventures, did my time with little direction or motivation and tried to settle down afterwards and have a normal life. I worked in a factory back in Kentucky for about two and a half years, working roughly 50 hour weeks and going to school for criminal justice as well. Eventually I figured out that I hadn’t quite gotten all of the military out of my system and tried to reenlist to the Corps, however, thanks to the economy, they were in the midst of a drawdown and weren’t taking prior service. The Army willingly took me and I shipped straight to South Korea. Since then I’ve been to El Paso, Iraq again, made it through Sniper School and now landed myself in Alaska in a recon platoon. Along the way we had a daughter and a son, who have both changed a lot of things in my life and I wouldn’t give them up for the world, despite being little terrors. Now I have this blog, where I’ll be documenting all the crazy stories that I’ve been witness to through my years; expressing ideas, fears, joys, training, and adventures as they happen. Enjoy and use my experiences as means to learn, expand, and improve the world around you.

7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Good job. If i had a digital cameras and all these high tech options to record the early adventures in my life, id have been in the swing some 24 years ago with a blog and loads of pictures to share where life has taken me. As it worked out Alaska and Europe have gotten the better of all the the tales to tell with many blunders and victories to be told so the world will have to wait for the book, or E-book even.



  2. So are you out of active duty or still in? Why I ask is a business opportunity in AK just presented itself to me and I need someone that knows the area and the people… Let me know…


  3. Hey brother, B4 as well been out since 08 with a few tours under the belt. You nailed it about SEOs they don’t exist nor does the specific training needed to hone skills. I was lucky to go to a place in MNCI where I did have a lot of time to try new things and work with the Kurds would like to chat with ya sometime.

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