I first opened this article from Politico expecting a partisan piece rife with ironic spins and whining to the tune of nails on a chalk board.  I was plesantly surprised.  

If any of you remember, I viewed both Trump and Clinton as a poison to the American people as they battled to acquire the position as the most powerful person in the world.  While, unlike many of my liberal friends, I accepted the fact that some one that I didn’t vote for won and I now work for President Trump; so he gets the respect befitting his position.  That doesn’t mean I agree with everything he’s done, but I also don’t deny, much like this article, that even in the bad he has made some very good things happen.

Give it a read.  It might relieve a few of your concerns from the last year to know that the ship isn’t really burning like some would have you believe.  

Also, as I’m writing this, I’m watching the New Years Rocking Eve, and I felt it an opportune time to make mention that Jenny McCarthy is an unequivocal idiot.  That is all.  Enjoy your new year.