Wars Fought By Men(N)

patton1yn7General George S. Patton Jr once said “Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory”.

I am inclined to believe that despite the last war he participated in being seventy years ago General Patton had the foresight and wisdom to expect that military technology would advance in such a manner that we would indeed attempt to fight without putting troops in harm’s way.  Given recent events and statements by world leaders it would appear that they would choose to disregard Patton’s advice.

Former President Clinton seems to believe that we can not win a land war in Iraq.  I say we were never trying to win the war in the first place.  We walked on eggshells during our time there in attempt to appease the population.  Now instead of an embedded regime with family and friends throughout the country, we are fighting a force that has moved into the area to slaughter and displace nationals from their homes.  Our leaders have wrapped their heads around the fact that the land is Iraq, though they have seemed not to grasp that the situation, mission, and enemy are not the same ones that we had in 2003.

With that, we have also seemed to forget what war is.  War is not hug the enemy into submission.  War is choke the enemy into submission or to death.  If we are not willing to go to the full extent of war, then we should not call it as such.
soldier-hugging-muslim-woman-prohibited-This beautiful couple (and for the record good for them if they’re happy) is a perfect amalgamation of how the last thirteen years of war has been expected to be fought.  Former President Clinton was right in his statement, under that concept.  If we approach ISIS with our arms out expecting them to bring it in for a hug we are going to be shot in the chest and summarily beheaded… on youtube.  That’s why we even have manuals on how to do a proper “war hug”.
U.S. Army Field Manual CombativesHowever, if all we do is provide drone and air support to the fight, we are simply showing a lack of commitment to the fight (a lack of commitment seems to be Clinton’s forte anyways).

In case you forgot…

But yes, a lack of commitment to the fight at hand is the true topic here.  We will never be able to fully uproot the Islamic State if we do not dig into the ground and pull up their roots.  This is a task we can not accomplish the with stand off distance that air strikes afford us.  Patton saw this truth 70 years ago.  We have seemed to have lost it along the way to the modern age.  As well as what we must do when we are at war.   Maybe that is why the last few things we have considered “war” have been looked upon in hindsight as failures when they should have been victories…

Stay hidden; stay safe.