The Competition

I was itching to write something tonight, but really had nothing in mind to write about.  Work has had us in mandatory classes this week so what I would consider noteworthy training has been cut out.  Unless you want to hear about how sexual harassment affects your job and how you should not touch your coworkers anus (that really came out of the instructor’s mouth).  So I just started cruising around the internet and came across a short little video from Russian sniper training.  It’s nothing spectacular, but it shows them interacting in a winter environment as snipers.  This stood out to me I suppose because we are ultimately left to ourselves to figure it out, where as these guys are training for it.  Just an interesting perspective towards what I foresee will be the once again and future competitor of ours.

So after that video I continued to do a little more searching on Russian snipers and came across an older, though more comprehensive training video.  It covered a lot of different aspects, but I was particularly interested in the section between about 32 minutes and 57 minutes.  I liked their idea for a snow hide, though I have to admit I would see problems with practical placement.  It would be hard to find a good spot of micro terrain where a huge and random snow mound wouldn’t catch the eye, but that’s not to say that it would never happen.

I’m sure there are more training videos out there, but in the process of trying to find them I got irritated with how many airsoft videos I came across pretending to be the real thing.  It was mind numbing to watch the (lack of) tactics being used in lieu of going for cool guy stuff that would ultimately get them killed.  Yes it’s only airsoft, I got it, but when they portray their videos like it was going to be real training of some sort, and I literally just watch some guy spring out of the snow onto a dude like he was getting a piggy back ride and pretend to knife him, I get a little annoyed.  And on that, my video searching has concluded for the night.

Hopefully, if work allows me the time in the next month or so, I’ll have some pictures to post of a snow hide in a practical application.  We’ll see though, with my reassignment still looming, I may find myself leaving the area quicker than I expect and may not get the opportunity to complete some of the training objectives I have set out for.   We’ll just have to see though.

Stay hidden; stay safe.