Poison A or Poison B

Unless you’ve worked your way off the grid, in which case you’re probably not reading this to begin with,  then you’re fully aware that it is political season.  If you don’t have a fervent excitement about voting this year, then well, you’re probably not a moron.  You’ve basically been handed two glasses filled with poison and told to drink one.  Both have the potential to be incredibly dangerous, but who is to say which the more dangerous of the two actually is?   One group of people is going to tell you that poison A is going to kill you slower which means you’ll have longer to live.  The other group is going to tell you that poison B won’t be as painful as it kills you quicker.  Both sides are going to argue their preference of poison; which will ultimately leave you dead regardless of which one you choose to ingest.
But what if there was another option?  What if you didn’t have to drink either one?  What if you took your eyes aware from your impending doom long enough to realize there’s a glass of clear liquid sitting on the table across the room?  What if you smelled it and there was no pungent odor.  What if you shook it and it remained clear?  What if there was someone trying to tell you that its water, but you can barely make out the echo of the words between the thunderous voracity of the A and B crowds arguing about which poison you should drink?  Would you tell them to shut up and try to listen to what the other person had to say or would you continue to believe what they had to say about their poison?

Now assume that there were a bunch of people in a room together and they all had to decide between poison A or poison B and which ever was the majority was what you all had to drink.  Yet you still knew about the glass of water on the table.  Would you allow them all to decide on the popular poison or would you try to garner as much attention to the water that you could be drinking instead?

Right now you are all being asked to pick between poisons.  It is well known that both Trump and Clinton are not good candidates for the presidency.  It has gotten to the point that you can not hear a viable argument for why you should vote for one without mentioning stopping the other.  In the wake of both the RNC and DNC there has been even further prodding to kill yourselves with one poison so that we all don’t have to drink the other poison.


Heads you lose.  Heads you lose. 

Within twenty minutes I’ve had two articles pop up from left-wing sources formerly supporting Sanders who are now on the Clinton band wagon because they are afraid of what will happen if Trump gets elected.  The audacity to these articles is that they fully expect you to give up any hope of getting people to drink the water and want you to drink their poison before you’re forced to drink the poison of the other side.  One of these articles came from the ever popular race-baiter, Shaun King, who as of May 27th was stating that Hillary should drop from the race amid her email scandal (seen here).
Yet, having written that two months ago, he has now decided that there is no other option for him but to drink the Clinton Kool-ade and toe the party line to prevent the boogyman from taking over (seen here).

So why the flippy floppy from the bastion of liberalism?  Why jump ship when he so clearly states that he actually supports drinking water in his article?  Its because Shaun King, like most people, is afraid and a coward.  He is so afraid that he may have to drink a less appealing poison that he is willing to put his choice of poison to his lips and prepare to take a huge, deathly gulp.  The sad part, is that many of you are willing little lemmings to follow suite to unquestioningly drink the poison of the chosen political party and ignore the people handing out free cups of water.

This article has, thus far, primarily focused on the bandwagoning of liberals, but fear not (punny, given the context) conservatives, you are equally as obnoxious in your efforts to stop Clinton.  In fact, that has been the main source of rally cries behind Trump long before the Democratic Party fell to shit and started eating itself with scandal.  #Neverhillary has been a thing for over two years now.  I know, because I called this from way out and was on board with Clinton never seeing the Whitehouse again.  I have been a supporter of that movement for a while.  Unfortunately, you ignant sum-bitches chose to back a clown shoe of a person to face off with her and now there is also the late-blooming #Nevertrump in response to it.

Don’t kid yourselves, I don’t buy into the overt racism lines that people try to attribute to him.  I know what he said and the context to it, which is left out of every democrat’s mouth when they quote him with a cherry picked sentence.  But listen to man.  He says absolutely NOTHING.  There is nothing informative.  There is nothing substantial.  Its just words that lead no where and are enough to get cheers rolling.  Its fluff.  All of it.  As opposed to when I listen to Clinton and everything I hear sounds like an absolute lie.  They both suck.

Clinton was relatively unsuccessful in every position she has held and has been marred with scandal after scandal to finally culminate in the evident corruption involving the FBI director who declared that despite all of the obvious mishandling of information she has done he sees no reason to prosecute her.  Trump, now apparently has also urged a foreign agency to hack into the Democratic National Convention emails and to use their classified documents against them as well.  Both of these alone are worth the title of traitor.  If I, the common man, did either of these my new forwarding address would be Ft Levinworth, KS.  But since they are both elitists guess what’s not going to happen?  If you guessed anything, well, you’re probably right.  So where does that leave us.  Both poisons clearly suck and will kill you, even by their own supporters accounts, so what now?  What about the water?

You have a unique chance in history to stand up and speak your conscience when it comes to the future of this country.  There are, and always have been, other options out there.  Our government isn’t a two party system; in fact, its widely discussed that the founders never intended for there to even be political parties at all.  The only people that benefit from having you believe that your only options are A and B are the two political parties that are in power themselves.  They already fight between themselves to maintain control of power, why would they ever want you to think you had any other choice but the options that lead to them being in charge?  Every single vote for an independent, libertarian, green partier, or ect is just less power and authority the left and the right maintains over you, the common citizen.  Stop letting them dictate your options.  Stand strong.  Look at the issues at hand.  Find a candidate that you align to and whether you feel they have any single chance of winning, hold true to what you feel.  Be brave in the face of being diminished, discouraged, and belittled.  The cronies of a two party, poisoned system are all ways going to try and play you for the fearful coward.  They want you to give up your morals to bolster their power and to get their way and will say anything to get you to do as such.  Whether playing on your fears, your hatred, or even attempting to ensnare your compassion; their goals aren’t in your best interest but in their own.

One could ask, “but isn’t that what you’re doing as you promote not voting for Trump or Clinton”?  No. It’s not.  If at the end of the day you want to vote for them, honestly and truly, fuckin’ do it man!  If you don’t, that’s great too!  But stop being controlled by fear.  I know who and why I am voting.  I am and have been decided for a while.  I, however, to show my sincerity on the matter, am not pushing my choice on anyone.  That’s not what this post is about, but rather to ensure that the thought is earwormed that you do not have to settle for drinking poison because you are worried about which way the mob is going to go.  You do not have to vote out of fear, but rather vote your conscience and be content that you made it known on that day, that regardless of the outcome, you stood by your values and beliefs and have refrained from compromising your integrity.  That is all I ask, regardless of who gets your vote.