Impending Doom

Seeing as election day is tomorrow and given the candidates that we have in the lead, I have this gnawing, incessant feeling that life in America is going to drastically and radically change for the worse in the near future.  I’ve been keeping fairly quiet on here because the outcome of tomorrow could mean a lot of changes in how words are perceived and the repercussions involved with speaking your mind.  Lets just say, stocking up on ammo right about now, probably not the worst decision which-ever way things turn out.
Regardless of that, the current situation has me thinking over the skills I’ve picked up through the years that would benefit myself and my family in the event that my worst fears are realized from this election.  It put me in the mood to do a little research into a few topics and well… sheepishly I must admit research turned into “what dystopian movies can I watch”, and from there I came across an article which I felt important enough to share.
I am fully aware that a great many of you who actually read my blog are probably here for the gritty details of the skills I know.  Too bad on this one; that’s not what I wanted to talk about.  What I’m more concerned with at this particular moment in time and what I hope to impart isn’t the technical skills associated with survival in bleak situations, but rather the aspect of humanity that we have already begun to lose even before the fall.  The article that I mentioned is about the movie, “The Book of Eli”.  It was one of my favorite dystopian movies I’ve come across, and while I don’t necessarily get down with the religious aspect of it, I do appreciate the message that religion is a control and that misused it can lead people to do unspeakable acts. book_of_eli
The article I had read was posted on “Off the Grid News” and it discusses the movie, its situation and its relevance.  Rather than having me steal their thunder, please read it for yourself here:
I was especially fond of the line from the article that read, “While the world around him blusters, and swears, and steals, and kills, Eli quietly remains focused on restoring some semblance of humanity everywhere he goes”.  I think that one statement should carry forward more so than anything.  Be like Eli in that regards.  People are generally shitty.  Don’t become one of the shitty people that make the world shitty.
I would wrap this up by telling you to go vote, like that dead horse hasn’t been beaten enough, but honestly, I don’t think it will make much difference whether you do or don’t vote at this point.  I don’t like conspiracies much, but there’s been enough stuff go on lately to tell me that our votes don’t much matter towards who actually wins tomorrow.  Either way I think America loses this election.

Always around, never found.