Puttin’ In Work

This blog has been drying up lately but it hasn’t been forgotten about.  A recent trip to my native lands and a little reconnecting with long lost friends resulted in the reminder that people actually do read my garbage and came with the heartfelt request for me to get back on the horse and cotinue to write.  A request I feel obligated to attempt to fulfill.  

In truth, I’ve been putting in work lately.  I’ll give a more thorough post later in regards to “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”, but for now it’ll be left with mere foreshadowing.  A precursor to the writing I’ve promised to do.  The ember in the pile of ash that will return a phoenix to the skies.

My discontent with my job and my roll has left me devoid of valuable training material to post as of late, but that’s no excuse.  I’ve disregarded the fact that my knowledge base, in many cases, exceeds the average reader when it comes to tactics, training, and theory.  But as it seems commonplace to me, it will still be new information to many of you. 

My disgust in the current national climate  (polticial, social, and weather as well) has left me throwing jabs sparringly on social media.  Ineffective as they are as I can throw more of an unanswered literary haymaker through this blog.  It leaves me wondering how I fell into putting out fires as they pop up with a bucket as opposed to blasting the entire area with a firehose.  As I mentioned, I am fiercely disgusted with what has been occurring lately and there is more than enough material to cover a fully comprehensive article (with pictures!) to address it all.  Apparently, as I’ve been praised by many, even having my words thrown into the typical electronic cat-fight has made a difference in how certain people are left feeling about the matters.  “On behalf of my husband who is out pulling a 16 hour shift as a state trooper, thank you for sticking up for officers”.  That came from a woman who I don’t even know.  And she wasn’t the only one.  So clearly, in ushering that type of response I must be out here doing something right.  Now to just do it for many many more.  

So I vow to break the writing damn and return to punching these keys in the name of what is just and to write the right.  Too many people have been worn down by the fight and want to tap out, but it is time to stand true and shown the world that we’re not just a bunch of savages ready to implode.  To be their example again.  To be the power.  To direct the fury we are all feeling.  To stop allowing raw emotion to blast outward uncontrolled, so that we may fix the problems, instead of doing more damage.  It is a time for wits to be about us so we may ensure the whole good of this country and bring it back to the nation of the successful, of the exceptional, of greatness.  


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