A Most Unfortunate Tale

Gather round youngens, and permit me to weave you a tale of misery, pain, suffering and torture which will bring you to tears of amazement and disgust.

So this soldier joins the Army and is married with a kid. Life gets rough and eventually the wife splits and takes custody of the kid. Over the course of a very brutal divorce, the soldier fights for custody of the child and has everything lined up with his lawyers to get partial custody back. His soon to be X had given him the date to show up for the custody battle in court. Apparently, she told him a day that was two days after the actual court date, thus making him lose custody, yet again. Through out this time, both of them are seeing other people and the day the divorce is finalized, he marries his girlfriend. They aren’t together very long before he gets sent to NTC for a month. For those of you not aware, for two weeks you have your cell phone taken and can not have access to it. When this soldier finally gets his phone back and turns it on, he has approximately 40 video messages of his new wife getting banged out by 1…2…3… 4 guys at a time, and participating in an orgy. Of course, the guys looses his shit and starts drinking heavily when he gets back from NTC. He goes to the apartment to retrieve some of his belongings because he has now been put in a barracks room for his own personal well-being. His squad leader drives separate and arrives to the apartment building before the soldier. He starts heading up the stairs before the soldier pulls up and notices a couple screwing in the stairwell, and thinks to himself, “what kind of shitty place does this kid live in?” The soldier then arrives and sees the couple and starts honking and screaming – the woman is his wife. She flees the area hastily and the guy is left distraught. He goes up to his apartment to get his stuff none-the-less.
Oh, did I mention they had a dog? Yeah, well, the wife left the dog in the apartment the entire time the soldier was at NTC and just dumped two bags of dog food on the floor and filled a bunch of pots with water. The dog ate all of the food and shat… everywhere. So the soldier starts trying to clean up the apartment and in the process finds that the wife had taken all of her stuff, that is except for the bed, which she actually personally owned. Odd as it is, the soldier began trying to clean that up. The sheet was plastered to the bed and stiff. The next resort became just dragging the entire mattress out. Upon removing it from the bed frame, it was found that during the course of her escapades, the wife had kept the used condoms under the mattress like some fucked up stamp collection. They lost count of the amount.
So this guy’s life has gone to shit. He has begun drinking hardcore, like any reasonable person would. This causes him to be late to work a few times and while the squad leader understands the guy’s personal situation, his LT is less compassionate and smells alcohol on him during duty hours, so he sends him to the MP station to be breathalyzed. Four hours later the squad leader finally gets the soldier to the MP station, hoping he had sobered up by then, and the kid still blows a .04. While that is just shy of being intoxicated on duty, the soldier is still command referred to ASAP over it. So now, his personal and professional life has gone to shit…
The wife continued to communicate with him during all of this. At some point she began to discuss getting back together with him. Despite the situation, being an optimist, the soldier agreed to meet with her for coffee so they could talk. She still has a boyfriend at this time and the soldier is aware of it. With no other means of transportation, the wife was expected to be driving the boyfriend’s truck to come meet the soldier. She had told him she was running late and to go ahead and have her order ready. Excited for the possibility of saving his marriage, and with coffee in hand the soldier eagerly approached the drivers side of the truck when it pulled in to the parking lot. The window rolled down and it was the boyfriend… getting his dick sucked by the wife. He snatched the coffee from the stunned soldier, said “thanks for the coffee, fucker!” and floored it out of the parking lot.
Now, while enrolled in ASAP, you aren’t suppose to partake in any substances, to include alcohol. That just wnet out the window for the soldier and he begins going to bars and getting shithoused. He plays it smart for the most part and keeps under the radar about it. That is until the wife begins texting him yet again. While at the bar, the wife texts him and tells him to come outside to talk. Drunkenly he makes his way out to meet her and walks right into a baseball bat knocking out his front teeth. She had set him up. Her boyfriend and his friends jump the soldier, beat the shit out of him and then run his foot over with the truck on the way out, shattering it in 13 places. On top of that, during his hospital visit they do a toxicology screening and it shows him as having a 2.6 BAC. The toxicology report is then given to the unit and he has now become and ASAP failure and will be kicked out of the army. The guy accepts his lot in life, refuses to do anything about the situation and carries on despite the bleak circumstances. The army conducts a line of duty investigation for his foot and finds that they will not cover the surgery to repair it, since it wasn’t the military’s fault. String are pulled and he gets hooked up somehow and the Army finally conducts the surgery for him! If you think something is going right for this guy, well, you’re probably more optimistic than he is. They fuck his surgery all up. He has a pin placed in his foot to hold the bones in place. This pin is supposed to be changed out later on so they don’t close the hole, but they planned to put a plastic plug on it to keep out infection. They fail to plug it. His foot is placed in a cast. The hole is supposed to be checked every 2-3 days by the doctor. They write the order wrong and it says to come back in four weeks. Four weeks later, this kid comes back and they realize they fucked up. They cut off the cast and the pin falls on the floor. His bones in his foot have wrapped over each other in the absence of the pin and since the plug wasn’t there, all of the sweat and grime inside the cast made it into the hole, infecting his bones and blood. He could have died if he had waited any longer.
Since they botched his surgery so badly, the army in all of its grace decides that they will medically separate this poor guy, which gets him paid for life. After a little bit of recovery time, the guy is back on his feet as best as you would expect. He had wrestled in high school and enjoyed it. It gave him an activity to immerse himself in to keep his mind preoccupied. Excited for having something to keep himself occupied he began talking to his squad leader about how he was getting back to his old stature with wrestling and doing well at it and even showed him videos of him wrestling… all within earshot of his company commander. Clearly, able-bodied enough to wrestle after the botched surgery, the commander pulled his medical separation packet and resumed the chapter for his ASAP failure instead.
If all of that wasn’t bad enough, thanks to all of this fuckery that has occurred in his life, the relationship he had with his son deteriorated so badly that now his son doesn’t want anything to do with him as well.

This soldier made his own mistakes along the way. He has things that are clearly his own fault, but for fuck’s sake, no one should have to endure that kind of bullshit in their life in the span of about a year. Sympathies for this poor bastard. I’m sure like many of you reading this now, your answer would be something similar to mine, in that I would have taken care of the main problem immediately, if not at least after the coffee shop incident. Good luck to this man in his future endeavors and I hope that the worst of his life is behind him, because fuck, I can’t imagine how much more he could take.

Stay hidden; stay safe.