O’Ryan Sends: Operational Considerations Regarding The Malheuer Event

Just a friendly PSA on how technology isn’t always your friend.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


The event took place on federal property, where any person, package or vehicle may be searched with only Reasonable Suspicion, a much lower legal threshold than Probable Cause. By search, this should mean physical and electronic and that investigations here are predicated on Reasonable Suspicion. Consider this in association with, that this occupation was, by law, illegal and all manner of investigative and law enforcement methods may be put into place.

It is likely that the FEDGOV employed IMSI capturing technology, like Stingray, to collect account numbers (AKA “telephone numbers” the IMSI, MSIN) and all calls made by the occupiers were toll chained, the calling network mapped out and at least some biographic intelligence was developed on each of the nodes of that calling network (the communicants). Biographic intelligence is conveniently available to law enforcement, especially federal law enforcement from Lexus-Nexus, drivers licenses, National Motor Vehicle Title Information System and…

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