Re-Post: The Importance Of The Right Label

The matter of labels as laid out by Mason Dixon Tactical. I suppose you would call me a survivalist, though admittedly there is still a great deal of things I need to learn. There is a term Dodge missed in his comparison; the dark side of survivalist -survivor. I view survivors as those who have no moral compass in their pursuit of survival. They will take advantage of you, and take from you. They will even kill you just to take your supplies. Their goal is to survive, no matter the cost.

Mason Dixon Tactical

With all the titles and terms being thrown around of late (especially in the Oregon situation), I thought reposting this would be appropriate. While talking with a guy a while back, he became adamant about not calling himself a “Survivalist” because he thought the title had been sullied. He thought it was more important to say he was part of a “militia” since as he put it, “It’s authorized by the Constitution.”. I had to spell out for him that the “militia” has no more authority or allowance by the feds than an Neighborhood Protection Team (NPT) or a Survivalist group, and suggested he do some research before we continued the conversation. I also pointed out that the term “militia” has been turned into a term of disdain by many, due to the media spin and a few asshats that made a name for themselves, and not a good one.

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