Oregon Lessons Learned – Or – Lessons You Better Learn

Some thoughts on the seizing of the federal land in Oregon. Basically, in my eyes, this movement met none of the criteria layed out here. Short of just causing troube for the feds, I’ve seen nothing actually accomplished other than give the liberal media something to take aim at and call what they perceive as a bunch of white christians terrorists. The moment you knew the locals didn’t support you, it was time to pack it in. It’s too late to fix now and each day you’re just making the situation worse.


Regular readers know that I am a huge advocate of local preparation and execution.

There will be times though when other groups will call for aid and support.

You might be inclined to assist. Today, we’ll discuss some criteria to help you decide if you want to or should provide support.

Will leaving your local area leave you and your tribe at risk?

  • Your number one priority is you, your family, and your local area.  Do you have enough trained members of your group to send some of them somewhere else?
  • It’s the same thing with logistics. Do you have access to extra supplies?  You should never give your core supplies to someone else

Do the folks that you are going to assist have a clear statement of why they are taking the action? Does it have an obtainable end state? In other words, have they defined success?

  • A good objective…

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