Paris ’15

Forewarning: This post has been brought to you by Wild Turkey 101 – For those moments when you need something with a little more kick so you can fucking curse appropriately at some people who fucking need it.

I’ve been sitting on writing this post for a few days.  I wanted to let a bit of the grief play out and see what kind of facts came through in the end.  It seems people would rather opine than fact find about the events of last Friday in Paris.  A truly detestable day in history and the worst attack on French soil since World War 2.  I’ve mostly held my tongue on the events; been listening more than I have been speaking I suppose.   But there has been a lot of stupid things said lately.  I would like to try and justify them with fear, grief, anxiety, ect, but I can’t.  Its mostly just hatred and misdirected anger.  I’m going to address a few of the topics that have risen from the Paris attack in a level-headed attempt at reason.  Some of you aren’t going to like what I have to say.  Some of you will applaud thunderously.  Some of you can just outright blow me if you expect that I am going to placate how you feel.
12239720_974170849306471_5433279163293097133_nLet’s begin.  The profile pictures with the French flag.  There have been a whole lot of people who have flatly stated they will not superimpose the flag to their picture.  That’s their prerogative.  No one is forcing you to.  However, when you use reasons such as people die en mass all the time, no one has been throwing up a flag when there was an attack in Africa, no one puts up an Iraqi flag when ISIS has been killing them all off for over the last year.  Ahem…N-Nasrani-Symbol

You might have missed this symbol floating around when they were killing christians in Iraq then?  Or how about this awesome show of support from the first lady?

Bring-Back-Our-GirlsWe even sent some special ops guys to Africa to help try and track them down.  Results weren’t very impressive, but hey, it was more boots on the ground than we’ve had against ISIS.  Point being, support has been there.  Not every single person has to support every single place that ever has an attack.  You’re allowed to feel sympathy for those you feel sympathetic for.  However, when you criticize other people for feeling sympathy because they didn’t show sympathy for something you may have felt grief for, then you are merely being an asshole.

CLEARLY, throwing up a French flag or a hashtag isn’t going to solve the problem.  People died.  They were murdered by assholes.  For no individual or personal reason.  Hashtag all you want, it won’t stop assholes and it won’t bring back the dead.  Simple fact.  HOW-THE-FUCK-EVER, what you do provide is a little bit of sympathy, a little bit of compassion, a little bit of support for those Frenchmen who lost spouses, who lost siblings, who lost progeny, who lost parents.  Taking the advice of all of these awesome gun advocates (who generally I admire, except in this case they’re being complete twats) to go buy a gun instead of putting up a sign of support, merely makes you a fucking insensitive cunt.  It took two seconds to change my picture – THAT LEAVES 23 HOURS 59 MINUTES, AND FUCKING 58 SECONDS IN THE REST OF MY DAY TO GO BUY A GUN TO BE ABLE TO PROTECT MY FAMILY AS WELL!  Furthermore, if you need to be TOLD to go buy a gun, you should probably not be a fucking sheep.  If you haven’t already been owning and training on a gun, well… good luck to you.  I hope those people who told you to get it plan to come and teach you how to use it, otherwise, you might as well have just spent your fucking time putting a flag and a hashtag and showing some grieving people that what happened to them is awful and they are right to feel the way they do.

To caveat this, France is our ally.  Not only have they been for the entirety of the last century, but they are also our NATO ally.  That might mean about jack and squat to many of you, but that stupid little treaty organization has a clause in it where we, you know, support each other in our times of crisis and war.  But alliances have never served us at all, right?  Which segways into my next point.  Sometime around 1886 we got this sweet present from France.  One that has since become an American icon and a symbol of hope and freedom…
kveus2419s After the attack on Paris, many of you have forgotten what the inscription which this lovely lady of New York bears states.
“Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses, yearning to breath free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

This sonnet is no truer now than then.  We get lost along the way in our defense of our shores.  Rightfully so.  Why would we want to risk the security of our loved ones for those who we do not know, especially when those who intend harm could be among them, hidden, waiting?  Why, indeed?  Because those people are trying to escape the same thing that we fear they are bringing.  So then we would doom them to protect ourselves?  Yes, their culture has problems, but do we leave them to fester?  Or do we lead them in to a new age through our example?  Do we choose selfish desires or humanity and compassion?  Which way does your moral compass currently point?  Reflect upon the possibility of civil war in America and ask yourself what would you do if you were trying to leave the fighting for the sake of your family, through legal means of claiming refugee status, and were turned away for fear that you were going to bring the fighting with you.  Or you were denied entry because people heard Westboro Baptist was a bunch of assholes and you happened to be Baptist?  Or if you were white, and denied entry to Japan because some white people blew the ever-loving shit out of them…twice…two generations ago?
There’s also the statement floating around that goes something like, “When I lock my door at night, it isn’t because I hate those on the outside, it is because I love the ones on the inside”.  Well, great, if you are so in to making sure your loved ones are safe and protected, by all means, continue to do so.  No one is asking you to quarter the refugees in your home.  I’m sure there are a great many of them I would never let near my family.  The catch here is that there are already a large percentage of my own countrymen that I don’t really care to have around my family in the first place.  If you are already locking your doors, which you should be anyways, then what single bit of difference does it make if 10,000 more people that you don’t trust either join the population?

Keep in mind as I discuss refugees, I DO NOT consider illegal immigrants sneaking across the border to be refugees.  I do not consider immigrants in general to be the same as refugees, or even illegal immigrants.  All three are independent of each other and are dictated mostly by intent and action though defined specifically by governing forces.  Summarizing this point, I agree with accepting vetted refugees, immigrants that naturalize legally, but not those willing to break the laws of the land they intend to occupy and live in.

What makes all of these fuckers different other than a label?  Well, glad you should ask!  Refugees, unlike immigrants, are trying to escape persecution.  Whether that persecution is… well fuck it, just read what the United Nations says about it…
“owing to well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.”
Basically, they’re trying to get the fuck out of a place that means a likely chance of death for them or their families for whatever reason.  Given that we have thoroughly established that ISIS is a bunch of murderous assholes, and that they like to kill or maim anyone who doesn’t toe the line, I can’t imagine why the fuck people just trying to survive would want to leave.  Not to mention the fact that there is a ridiculous love triangle in Syria between Assad, the “moderate” rebels, and ISIS, that now has Russia, Iran, France, US, and more interfering as well.


And motherfuckers expect them to NOT flee?  You’re fucking high.  You expect every military aged male to pick up a gun and go “fight for their motherland”?  You must have some sweet peyote you’ve been cultivating.  1%.  Fucking 1% of Americans are veterans.  Not even “combat veterans” – that number is even less.  So you dare to expect that more than 1% of them should just go enlist in the fight?  Sounds pretty audacious to me.  Especially, if you are that asshole who is recommending this, and YOU AREN’T EVEN A VETERAN AT ALL!  You, who live shielded from such atrocities that are associated with war, can get fucked if you think someone else should go to fight when you haven’t at least signed up to do so yourself.

In fact, if you are so hell bent on stopping ISIS, and you just don’t feel like the American government is going to do enough to stop them, by-the-fuck-all-means go fight with the Kurdish Peshmerga!  They are openly recruiting any and all help to fight against ISIS and they’ll even help you get there.
Go to town Charlie Brown!  Bring me back a fucking ISIS beard.  Oh, what’s that?  You’re too fucking comfortable in your nice cushy American living to go assist people fighting for their land and lives?  Well, no shit?  Otherwise you would have been trying it already.  I admittedly put my family first.  Secondly, I’m still on an active contract and I’m not trying to fuck that up just yet.  Single and jobless?  You’d have heard of Sand Specter instead of Arctic Specter.  But then again, I’m not over here saying you guys need to do something about this; I’m saying WE need to put boots (to include my own pair of garmonts) on the ground to handle it.

Terps.  I have a love/hate with those guys.  We had a couple shitty interpreters.  Really shitty, that made our job even harder.  But what we have forgotten in the mess that has been the global war on terror is that these guys and their families were actively being targeted for providing assistance to coalition forces.  They were being hunted with rather sizable bounties on their heads.  They still are.  But while these people actually contributed to helping our nation out, they are left in the wind to fend for themselves.  No one who risked their lives to provide us assistance should be abandoned like that.  While I support the refugees seeking asylum, where was that overwhelming support for those who helped us out at their own peril?  Where are the massive Facebook arguments about letting those guys come be citizens and live among us?  Maybe that’s a fight we need to be having with the powers that be.

Homeless Veterans.  This has been a deeply personal argument for me when it comes up.  Not a fucking person says peep about helping the over 50,000 homeless veterans out until it serves their fucking purposes.  Guys, they’re already in shitty enough situations, standing on their backs for soapboxing your stupid fucking arguments doesn’t help them get out of the fucking gutter at all.  On top of that mess, the bunch that cries out against welfare the loudest is now screaming even harder about helping out our vets in lieu of supporting a single refugee.  Excuse the fuck out of me, but how do you expect those guys to get back on their feet aside from the social programs that we have established to be able to help those in need?  Yeah, sure, fuckers abuse it.  Watching a person use food stamps and then make a separate purchase of new york strip steaks pisses me the fuck off.  Rightfully.  But what pisses me off even more is that guy that gave his all, found shit circumstances, landed on hard times, who is suffering because of it, and being labelled as a “lazy piece of shit”  because he’s on welfare.  Fuck you.  Really.  Truly.  From the bottom of my heart.  Fuck. You.  Shit happens.  Hell, I fell on hard times as a fucking NCO and had to be on WIC for a while on active duty.  The measure of success is being able to leave that program, though.  Get THAT in your head and stop demonizing people who need help in their lives as you platform and grandstand on top of them.  Doing the latter makes you an asshole.

That being said, if you just cheered because I stuck it to some right-wingers over their view of welfare, you had best limber up… you have some fucking of self to do as well.  While you may generally show support for people on hard times through social programs, most of those aren’t a bit military-centric.  Yes, helping those who need help is the general theme and veterans can fall in to that category as well, but when you generalize you leave out the simple concept that those veterans made a commitment to protect you.  Often times, that commitment to YOU is what wrecked their lives to begin with – whether it be from dislocation, psychological issues, physical issues and disabilities, or other disorders such as alcoholism brought on by one of the most stressful and life consuming jobs you can do.  Your average homeless person, while I feel for them, didn’t necessarily commit a fucking day of their lives to helping out anyone else.  Homeless veterans did, but at some point we need to come to the realization that this crisis with the refugees, which will be a money drain on an already straining economy, doesn’t equate to helping out guys living on the streets.

Go back and look at that picture of the Syrian city I showed you earlier.  Give it a minute.  Now ask yourself, would you rather live there, or on the streets of America.  I know my answer.  It doesn’t take me more than a second of consideration to know I have a better chance at finding the basic life necessities on the streets of America.  So you are left with the moral obligation to selflessly admit that people who have done nothing for you, and may never, need the help more than people who have nobly served us and our nation.  For those of you who may still believe in it, the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is very applicable here.  I was taught that it should guide me when I was growing up.  I would assume most of you were as well?

Along with all of this refugee mess, there has been a background fight for states’ rights.  Its very subtle in the manner of it being a fight, but its been a fight that I have been witnessing more and more.  Unfortunately, it is happening because our President, through every single executive order he writes, creates a larger schism for people who disagree with him.  Maybe it doesn’t sink in that we have a representative form of government where we elect these people called senators and congressmen to vote upon key topics as our local voice on the matter.  Ignoring those voices and votes to do your own thing only causes alienation between the people and the government.  This has led to a larger push for states to take hold of the 10th amendment and clutch it tightly.
Amendment X
“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”
I love that people who are LGBT can marry now.  Good for them.  I loved the outcome, but hated the means which it was achieved.  By our own constitution, that should have been the right of each state to choose.  Similarly, telling each state that they WILL take Syrian refugees is a bit of bullshit as well.  At some point you have to look at the affordability of supporting the effort to relocate, house, and feed these people as they integrate.  Its easy to sit here and say that XXX state is a racist state and they don’t want to take any muslims.  But that is a cop out factor.  Many states have just listened to their constituents and are doing what their people want; which to a certain measure is a success in government.  Other states simply cannot bear the burden on their strained economy.  Here is the most recent map at the time of writing this showing the states who have refused to accept refugees:

As you can see most of the south doesn’t want the refugees.  I guess they’re just a bunch of bigots, right?  Only if you’re a basic ass bitch with a one dimensional outlook.  Aside from the number one cited reason being the safety of the residents of their states, you also have to consider using the data people like to throw around when the welfare argument comes around each time.  Let’s try, shall we?
If you check out this information, the top states for food stamps are:
7. Louisiana
6. Tennessee
5. Oregon
4. West Virginia
3. New Mexico
2. Mississippi
1. District of Columbia (yeah, yeah, not a state, got it)

Not a single one of those support the idea of importing refugees.  Only two haven’t committed to actually saying yes, and that’s likely just because they don’t want to look like assholes by directly saying no – Washington DC, where the people making these decisions live, being one of them…

This is the tricky part.  Am I saying we should condemn these states for turning them away?  Fuck no.  They have their reasons for not wanting to help, let them have their reasons.  Their moral conscious will be their own to deal with later.  But, we shouldn’t go about FORCING others to do something they don’t want to.  In other, more personal, situations that is called RAPE.  There are 6 states that are dedicated to helping the refugees.  It seems the obvious choice to go to an area that actually wants you there as opposed to an area where you are just another perceived threat. but what the fuck do I know.

Speaking of not wanting someone here, let’s also discuss this fucking epidemic sweeping college campuses as it pertains to the events in Paris.  The movement of black students harassing other students at their school in the name of protesting inequality – yep, you all can get fucked too.  Want to discuss inequality?  I have the GI Bill where I got money for school from my military service and worked 50+ hours a week in a factory and I STILL couldn’t afford the opportunity to go to these universities they are protesting at – I had to go to a community college.  Ain’t that a bitch?  But these students are so fucking self absorbed in their petty little fight for perceived equality that not only have they reversed the flow of racism to exclude white kids trying to support their cause (that makes a shit ton of sense), but that they have also thrown out such ignorant remarks so as to compare their situation to over 100 people being murdered in one sitting in France, and then considering their situation to be more deserving of media focus…

That fucking hurts to even write.  YOU IGNORANT CRY BABY RACIST FUCKS!  SIT THE FUCK DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!  The moment someone runs up and kills 129 of you in ONE ATTACK with explosives and automatic (not semi-automatic for the gun illiterate) fire, you may express your disdain for the media not covering you.  Hell, I’d accept a reasonable amount of outrage if 10 of you in a group were killed and you didn’t get covered.  But when you have to purposefully throw out that its white people’s fault that the news isn’t there, when YOU FUCKS MADE ALL THE WHITE PEOPLE LEAVE YOUR “SAFE SPACE” then you have no one to blame but yourselves for your actions.  Get fucked.  And stop comparing the tribulations you experience to the mass murder of other people.  At least you’re alive to bitch about how hard and unfair your life is.  Enjoy the holidays with your families this year while you’re on winter break from your university.  There’s going to be about 129 empty seats in France for Christmas.

I’m going to close this all by discussing the hot topic with this all;  aren’t the refugees a threat?  The short answer and truth of it – Yes.  Yes the fuck they are.  Already, less than a week after the Paris attack, there are scattered reports of muslims/arabs/ISIS trying to sneak in to XXX country with fake passports, ect.  Its a phobic phenomenon right now.  Stop calling it racist, though, and start calling it what it is; FEAR.

We are so afraid that some bad people are going to come to our country and do what they did in France to us.  Holy shit, you’d think there’d be flooding with all the people pissing themselves.  Let’s look at some numbers real fast to help alleviate that.
This data shows the flow and numbers of the refugees that have traveled to Europe. If you look, you can clearly see that the amount of refugees that have gone that way is under 900,000.  That many people and the worst thing to happen is less than 10 of them got together and to enact violence – oh, wait, those guys were European Union Nationals, not refugees!  No, fucking way.  America only plans to allow 10,000 refugees in.  Statistically speaking, we are looking at less than 10 people being rogues in the entire group of refugees.  Does that mean that’s the case?  No, its not fucking likely.  But here’s some more numbers to bounce around – 2,977 died on 9/11 in one of the most coordinated attacks the world has ever seen.  It took 19 people to conduct that operation.  NINE-FUCKING-TEEN.  Ultimately, what we are looking at is a less than likely chance (statistically) that an attack of that magnitude will happen any time soon.  To make matters worse, lets say you do turn away these refugees and they are forced to go back to Syria.  The odds of them successfully integrating back into society is even less likely.  They’re all targets now that they tried to leave.  So we send 10,000 people back to die?  Or we save 10,000 people from death at the risk of less than 3000 of ours.  Somehow when you stack 3000 next to 10,000 the piles look a little unequal.

Above all else it remains of key importance to understand the destabilization of the area that ISIS is attempting to produce by promoting fear of these refugees.  What do they gain, by making you hate and fear the refugees?  What happens when we finally do turn them away?  They return to Syria, where they are preyed upon by ISIS.  Where their new found hatred of Americans for turning them away will drive them right in to the ranks of ISIS.  Where a mentality of US VS THEM will continue to grow towards an islamic nation consumed with hatred for all things not islamic.  But why type out the same thing that has been said already?  I’ll wrap it up with this statement from muslim news anchor, Waleed Aly…

Continue to feel which ever way you feel about this whole situation, despite what I say.  Its your prerogative as a person to feel how you do.  But just remember, at the end of the day, no matter how many dangerous ones are in the group, the majority are just people trying to escape war with their lives.  If throwing out the good ones with the bad ones is the only answer to this situation you can come up with, then question what else can be done to help at least.  Many of you have never had to look these people in the eye; you likely never will.  But regardless of your preconceived notions of how they are, remember, they live with the same fears, desires, and anger that you are expressing towards them and trying to make sense of it, all the while being removed from the familiarity of their home.  A home that may not be there by the time they get a chance to go back.

Consider that as we push forward in the future.



2 thoughts on “Paris ’15

  1. I’m not opposed to allowing refugees in, but I demand that they be subject to the strictest security screens that we can possibly administer, plus a holding period to watch them. I also want only the ones who actually want to assimilate, not just form their own little mini-communities here. They’re aren’t asking for a temporary layover until they can find a better place, are they? No, they want a permanent home. They need to have the desire to assimilate, for themselves and future generations to become Americans. That’s the only way allowing foreigners into America works, in the long run. That’s the only way it worked in the 19th and 20th centuries. They WANTED to be Americans.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. As always, thanks for the thoughtful read. You’ve made me recall some of my values amidst the immediate recoil of fear that an act like that can create.

    I’m reminded of the responsibility of citizenship in a country like ours. It’s hard to view it as a responsibility In the middle of a “gimme” generation (I’m the oldest of the Y gen) but none-the-less, it smacks of truth and that’s mighty hard to ignore.

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