Spay and Neuter Your…

Sitting in traffic is boring and annoying.  Especially on a rainy day in a city of people who can’t drive well when it’s dry.  As I was on my way to pick up dinner, I was stuck behind a truck that had two stickers on the back.  With nothing better to stare at than the back of his tailgate as I anticipated the moment it crept forward, I read, reread, thought about Bob Barker and “The Price is Right”, reread yet again, and contemplated the stickers that said, “Save Lives – Spay & Neuter”.


Now, clearly from the paw print, this was intended to refer to household pets.  People get puppies and kittens and it’s a novelty until it gets big and does what animals do.  Then you wind up with a litter that you are desperately trying to get rid of and they wind up in shelters waiting for adoption, and in some unfortunate cases dead.  So the campaign to have people limit this from happening through their carelessness, was to push having their reproductive organs essentially removed or shut down.  It’s effective and in most cases recovery is quite quick and you and your pet are back to playing with sticks in the yard again. 

What struck me about this novel concept is that in our day and age, you never hear anyone say, “Be sure to abort your pet’s litters”, or “Don’t contribute to the adoption cycle of pets, abort them”.  It just isn’t a consideration at all; yet at the same time we have people consistently justify it within our species.  It kinda took me aback that I can listen to people say they never want kids,  yet would rather kill off the ones they start, rather than just take care of the problem altogether – themselves. 

While I am aware this is radical thinking compared to the common ideas associated with reproduction of people, and in most cases it’ll never take hold, I think we should start pushing the concept of voluntary sterilization more often.  If such a ghastly thing as abortion is a common occurrence, then why is the less selfish act of going and getting spayed or neutered any more appauling.  It achieves the same end state, not having a child, just with less of the immorality involved.  Food for thought. 


2 thoughts on “Spay and Neuter Your…

  1. I actually don’t think it is that radical of a thought process, as surgical means is yet another form of birth control. However a few thoughts here:

    1. Kittens/puppies definitely are aborted, just isn’t advertised as such because the end goal is still the spaying. The vet lets you know that there are “additional complications that will make it cost a bit more”, but that’s about the end of it. My parents had a cat named “Lucky” that had to go through that procedure.

    2. Any type of surgery can be risky, but according to Planned Parenthood sterilization is “safe and effective.” but if you continue to read in the “What are the risks?” section it does sound like there are possible complications: I guess my point here is look, it is actually being advertised as an option for birth control. But it also still has the chance of pregnancy if the tubes decide to reconnect themselves.

    So I don’t think society sees the idea as appalling as you may think. It gives me the heebees knowing I’d be cut into (the idea of any kind of surgery scares me, especially with a sensitive area like that) but I wouldn’t be against the idea itself if I knew I didn’t want children. And I bet a lot of people are in the same boat: the fear of surgery is the only thing that makes them hesitant about going through a sterilization procedure, so they instead use other forms of birth control such as the pill. Not to mention it still isn’t 100% effective…because there is still that .9% chance.

    As far as why do people only get this information at Planned Parenthood and we don’t see a slogan on a bumper sticker? I think if I was the guy responsible for making a sticker to spark a campaign to get everyone on board, I’d be hard pressed to find a slogan that didn’t come across as demeaning or dehumanizing. Hmmm, only thing I can come up with now is “Get your bitch spayed” perhaps with a hand print. Or maybe for the guys “Snip it before you stick it”.

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