Miss Colorado and The Case Of The Catty Gabby Bitches

So if you missed the Miss America Pageant… you probably had way better shit to do with your life in first place.  I unfortunately caught it like a puff of secondhand smoke to face while I was working on some “homework”, as my wife sat entertained by the whole ordeal.  When you are working on military online courses, you easily find yourself looking for something else to keep your attention.  So, in between clicking next and caring less about that, I filled the void with what was in front of me.  To their credit there were a few amazing talents among the contestants, but what really caught my attention was Miss Colorado, who dressed in scrubs, not some ridiculous prom dress full of pomp, came out and gave a monologue in regards to her talent – being a nurse and helping people.  Particularly, she discussed caring for a patient with Alzheimer’s.  Here is a clip if you want to hear it yourself:

Pretty touching and heartfelt, and definitely out of the norm of a pageant that goes about parading women.  I particularly liked her talent as well because not only is my wife a nurse and I fully support her career, but I feel this provides a positive female image for young girls, like my daughter.  It shows them that being beautiful is great, but you can be beautiful and have a career where you don’t have to flaunt your beauty to be successful.  Positive messages here. Good stuff.

And then people who are famous for nothing had to go and be a bunch of cunts…

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope?”

I’ll ignore the other one for now, though she is just as guilty of being an uber-bitch.  But that phrase really struck a nerve in the amount of ignorance that spewed from her mouth.  It was utterly offensive to a great deal of hard working men and women across the globe.  It was comparable to saying that she has no use for, or doesn’t know how to use that stethoscope because she’s only a nurse.  Only doctors are fully qualified to use such complicated equipment and evaluate patients.  Hell, you’d might as well just told that woman to go hand that stethoscope back to a man because it was such a patronizing remark.
Now, normally, I could give two shits what someone on a show like “The View” has to say.  But in this case, it dawned on me that somehow, they managed to stay on the air after all of these years.  SOMEONE must be watching it, and likely fanatically enough to absorb every little bit of verbal sewage like sponges dropped in a clogged shitter on taco tuesday.  It irritates me to think that we’re in an age where talking about compassion and care being your talent instead of jumping through firey hoops to entertain the crowd brings you ridicule.  Where showing your talent to be a challenging, successful career in the medical field is secondary to playing the violin or singing opera.  Don’t get me wrong, both very talented women, but I don’t think that puts them on an exclusive, untouchable platform either.   But if my daughter came to me and said she wanted to learn how to take care of people and make them feel better I would be way more excited than if she said she wanted to learn how to play the violin.  I would certainly rather her be a nurse, than some mouthy, overly opinionated bitch on tv.  Its not that its just personal to me because of nursing being my wife’s career choice, but for the fact that what people like Joy Behar illustrate is a stereotype that the only people in a hospital that know what they are doing are the doctors; a statement which is terribly wrong and breeds ignorance within patients.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, or happened to have gone back to last year and read some of my posts from the summer, then you are already aware of the fact that I spent about 5 months in a neonatal intensive care unit when my son was born prematurely.  Five months of getting to know hospital staff daily.  Of having them take care of my son and do everything they could to keep him alive and well.  He had some great doctors!  But we only saw them about once every couple days.  That was the amount of involvement they had – a periodic check and some recommendations.  Meanwhile, there was a registered nurse there 24 hours a day to take care of him.  To monitor his feedings.  To attend to his comfort.  To give him medicines.  To conduct thorough checks on him every couple of hours, and to even change the diapers when we weren’t there.  It wasn’t the doctors there making it happen; they just checked up on him.  The hard work of nurses and technicians are the reason I have a son who is alive and well today.  And how dare some thundercunt belittle those men and women who have done so much, for so many?!

That being said, shout out to be it being Neonatal Nurses Day!  I appreciate everything you do, guys!  Keep it up!

I’ll end this post with this article, from an actual nurse’s point of view of the topic and continue to hope that one day the women of “The View” end up needing medical care, and are promptly put in their place when a lowly nurse takes care of them instead of an actual doctor.

behCatty, gabby bitches.


One thought on “Miss Colorado and The Case Of The Catty Gabby Bitches

  1. “…verbal sewage like sponges dropped in a clogged shitter on taco Tuesday.” Noted and saving for time in my life when appropriate.

    All kidding aside, another great read. I appreciate your insight.


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