Great Read From WRSA “The Current Militia Movement?”

10478162_945079188851916_4611829355451401525_nReblog of a reblog, but hey, it’s a good one and worth the read!

Mr. Bill Roberts smashes the hopes and dreams of some of those that would call themselves part of a “militia”.
If you read this and start feeling a burning sensation – it’ll be ok, just go apply some cold water to the affected area and maybe some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste to your hindquarter before the hurt sets in!

Mason Dixon Tactical

Here’s some more thoughts on the “militia” from somebody else that’s done his homework. Most ‘militia” guys that I’ve talked to about militia “authority” have already heard me say the facts presented here. Whether you call yourself a “Militia”, a “Survivalist group”, or a “Mutual Assistance Group” doesn’t matter, because factually, you are the same, and if you don’t believe that, you need to up your “reality” meds, BECAUSE THE PRESENT DOSE ISN’T WORKING! Wait, I know, why don’t you call me or this guy some more names….that will make your ego feel all better, won’t it?



Bill Roberts

After reading the latest “Barry Sends” piece and all 273 responses, actually 272 as I wrote one of them, I decided to weigh in with this forum. I am going to attempt to present some material and to respond to some issues raised in all those…

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