What Your NRA Decal Says About You

Read this. Then note at the bottom that his comments were closed off.

All I got from this fearful excuse for a person is that he expects that everyone is going to act on the compulsion to kill. Why should he suspect that? Maybe because he is so afraid that if he touched a gun he would magically be transformed into some psychopath that would rape and murder a public place? Or maybe he just needs to realize that people with guns are just regular people, who worry about the safety of their families as well and would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to keep them safe.

In a world where we are constantly informed of the violence of police with guns, would you rather wait for them to show up and save you (assuming they do because according to the masses police can’t be trusted) or would you prefer to allow your family to be victimized? I prefer to keep my family safe of my own accord. I’m not waiting 3 extra minutes hoping the cops come. Seconds matter. If I’m reaching for anything, it’s not going to be a phone before a gun. Yes, terrible tragedies occur. Globally. Even in disarmed countries like France, which would have experienced another mass shooting last week had it not been for the violent actions of some servicemembers. But burying your head in the sand just leaves your ass exposed to attack.


2 thoughts on “What Your NRA Decal Says About You

  1. People will think how they are programmed to think. Few think for themselves, ever, unless its to further feed their emotional based, programmed irrational thinking.. If they guns are ever gone they will then have to ban machetes, then knives and axes because that is what they will use next. Eventually easy access to fuel and combustible chemicals because nut jobs will make bombs.. At Columbine they had fuel bombs and propane bombs that they never got to use but they focused on the guns and not the maniacs that used them or the ‘why’ of it. There was a rice cooker in Boston that killed more people then any of my guns ever will..


  2. Maybe he is just a plain old hateful asshole who wants attention and needs to shove his opinion up everyone’s butt.
    Lot of that on the interwebs.
    What better meme than guns to do that. You get to insult people without repercussions, because most people who have firearms aren’t people who are usually the most civil and moral component of our society, nor are they into victimolgy or who revel in the wallow of behaving like a worthless victim and all the politically correct Marxist ideology baggage that comes with acting like a total fool.

    That’s ok with me. Its not me or most who have moral and liberty orientated cause to posses instruments of defence this knumbskull and useful idiot needs to worried about.
    He has either a very steep learning curve ahead of him, or a dirt nap with his name on it for ignoring history.
    His tough luck.
    I just can’t feel any sympathy these days for people such as this guy.
    Maybe the good Lord will help him find redemption. Hopefully, before its too late. But I have my doubts.
    Besides, you sometimes really can’t fix stupid. All you can hope for is the law of natural selection works as intended and reduces that much more truly useless genetic stock from the human race.
    Besides, we DO have guns.
    Kinda changes the political equation tight there when you look at it honestly.
    Things are going to have to take this course for awhile more before the world begins to right itself. That is the really sad part, for this fellow. He misses the whole point. It is staring him in the face when he looks in the mirror. It is not the NRA sticker he should be worried about, it is he and his kind who really are taking it all down to guns. It is going to come to that if things don’t take a turn for the better pretty soon. It will be about who has guns, and who doesn’t have guns. Who rules by guns, and who isn’t ruled by guns. Who is afraid of the sonofabitches running things, and who isn’t afraid of the sonofabitches running things.
    That is how this tyranny crap this idiot and all the resy of his totalitarian pals takes things. It is like they all belong to some kind of human extinction movement, and in this case, they even have a bigoted mulato leader and a whole congress of fucking losers, crooks and worthless scum to help out.
    Guns just look better every day.
    The only thing more powerful than those guns right now is our consent, and the withdrawal of our consent.
    Lets hope consent is the weapon that wins the day. Using guns is an ugly brutal bloody business that once begun is a Pandora’s box of biblical proportions.
    But if you have guns, you probably from what’s in the offing, and is the Las place in your right mind you hope not to have to go. But for the grace of God.


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