On My Way To Jade Helm!

I just wanted to let everyone out there know that we have begun shipping vehicles to support JADE HELM!  I spent all week in the blistering ass heat getting sunburnt so that I may effectively come and kick in your doors while supporting USASOF as they impart martial law upon the civilian populace of this nation!  I can’t wait until I get to your states with my UN tanks so that I can come and take all of yours guns and freedom away from you, since you’re simply not voting them away fast enough!    wpid-20150611_123151.jpgAs you can see, all of our death machine tanks are all loaded up to roll into your city!  Disregard the medical cross on the side of that tank, as it has been refitted to perform on site abortions to keep the populace from reproducing.

wpid-20150611_123229.jpgSeen better here, you can clearly view the deceptive medical red cross on the mass abortion machine, which can fit up to four unwed mothers in the back while simultaneously removing their devil spawn!  No health care here!  You’ll be lucky if there are even survivors to put into the internment camps.
wpid-20150611_123201.jpgHere you can see the Hum-v’s with a large back with no air holes, capable of fitting two whole families in the back as their unpatriotic asses are rounded up and detained.

wpid-20150613_082444wpid-20150613_082451Civilians watch in awe as the train of death does indeed roll by; headed for your cities!

JUST KIDDING!  Seriously though people, training fucking happens in the military.  Stop making assumptions that every damn trainload of vehicles is some devious plot to come quarantine you and round you up like cattle.  Keep in mind, that the majority of people who you would be led to believe are coming to get you as you sleep peacefully in your bed, have in fact signed up to protect the very rights you feel they are threatening.  So stop, please stop, thinking that every single military vehicle you see is a tank.  Stop thinking that we are ever going to conduct UN operations on American soil like WE are the puppets of THEM.  And stop thinking that pretty much every damn person who is serving in the groups that they would actually send for you isn’t a freedom loving, gun toting, free speech mouthing, red-blooded patriot that doesn’t want to see his own rights and the rights of his family trampled in the way side once his time in the military is done.  If you are so concerned that big brother is coming to get you while the Army conducts a realistic training mission, maybe you might want to vacate the country; not because they are either coming for you, or your rights, or you should leave what you don’t like, but because you are expecting to live in a country where your military cannot effectively train and therefore cannot effectively protect this nation due to your own incessant and un-based fears.  Stop being ignorant.

And by the way, those vehicles aren’t actually going to Jade Helm.  They going to this thing called National Training Center, which HAPPENS CONSTANTLY!  Guess what else happens on a monthly basis?  National guard and reserve training.  Stop thinking that just because some damn military vehicles are rolling by, that they are up to some nefarious plot to enslave you in the name of the new world order.  You’re ridiculous if you do.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


3 thoughts on “On My Way To Jade Helm!

  1. I kind of take exception to what you are saying here AS.
    Now don’t get me wrong either, I believe fellows like you and your brethren in the armed forces are just like everyone else for the most part in this nation, we all put our pants on one leg at a time, come in every flavor size and stripe. Good and bad, we are all in this together.
    And it begins with each of us, for better or worse. That is the beauty of liberty.

    What I would like to point out here is something entirely different. It is the “leadership” of this nation which I do not trust and feel are not of a legitimate character as a whole, which is the crux of my taking exception to what you contend here. Those running the show do not have a sterling record when it comes to protecting and defending my freedoms and my liberty. Remember they took a solemn oath on that score to be accountable, and I’ve been forced to part with a not inconsiderable portion of the fruits of my labors for a half century for that privilege.

    And not you nor any one else can make that determination for me in regards to the varacity of my government and its intentions, regardless of good intentions or otherwise. You know, trust but verify? That is an imperative duty of each of us to question the intent and actions of the people who accumulate power over us who have the power to initiate such military, and other operations or exercises on our sovereign soil. After all, just who does it rightfully belong to? We the people, or a class of unaccountable mandarins? On that note, of late things ain’t looking too peachy in regards to unalienable rights like being free from search and seizure, freedom of expression, Habeas Corpus, the primal right of self defense and the means to employ it. Never mind the idea of Posse Comitatus.

    I may be a knuckle dragging white supremicist racist domestic terrorist from the unsecured spaces of Appalachia, but I’m not a fool and don’t intend to become one either. The idea of practicing counterinsurgency warfare on domestic soil may have originated within the ranks of the military, but an exercise of this scope co-ordinated across and in conjunction with a myriad of civilian law enforcement agency’s spanning an expanse of western states, in a dictatorial administrative government, can only be possible from the top down.

    Conspiracy theories and tin foilhattery aside, can you guarantee me something such as JH is not a prelude to something tyrannical in nature?
    That is a question serious as a heat attack my friend.

    When you have the US military practicing for insurgency war on American soil, well you kind of have the US military running around practicing insurgency war on American soil.
    The optics at least do not look all that rosy.

    And in this age, with the leader of the voluntary human extinction movement who just so happens to be the commander in chief of said same military, you might be better accused of thinking their ain’t many unrelated or unintended coincidences when it comes to exercising excesses of illegitimate power not granted by the idea of liberty and rule of law.

    If that makes me and my fellow Americans who question these things clowns and fools, well Id rather be wrong and an idiot than wrong about tyranny. Because if somebody thinks I have no virtue to question such things, my response would be to say in no uncertain terms my liberty and happiness comes first motherfucker.

    Keep up the great work!
    I’ve read your blog quite awhile, and believe your are a sterling practitioner of the art of small unit infantry tactics. Your lessons and insights are of great value.
    Kind regards,


    • Doug,
      Thank you for being a long term reader.
      That being said, I have to ask, where would you expect the American military to practice for COIN if not our own soil where we do the majority of our training already. Everyone acts like this is a new concept. Training like this has been going on since at least 2004 without incident and without anyone getting snatched the fuck up. How do I know this? It’s because I’ve done this training! There is no better way to test how individuals react when they have no real ammo, no legal right to intervene (when they patrol past a drug deal going down right in the middle of the street) and a completely unscripted environment. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read up on it here: http://wvutoday.wvu.edu/n/2004/4/30/4069

      Read how they describe the training about to occur. It’s damn near the description of Jade Helm. Just now it’s some secretive spec ops unit that doesn’t want to divulge their classified training plan, which would be classified regardless of this operation or not, and everyone gets in a tear because they want to know exactly what SF is doing. Well, everyone not knowing is because it’s classified. Not everyone needs to know everything because not everyone can be trusted not to tell our enemies about our ttp’s. It’s THAT simple.

      Whether you trust the government or not, trust in the fact that the men and women in the military don’t want to see martial law take effect. We all have families too. Families that don’t necessarily live behind the protective fences of bases. Families that will be just as affected as the next citizen.


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