Well, I’ve finally come to it – my 100th post on this blog!  There have been ups and downs on the way to this point but I am happy to say that irregardless of the droll that I put up here I get a daily steady flow of views (it’s probably all NSA keeping tabs, but hey, it still counts).  This post couldn’t have coincided with a better day, as its the 12 year anniversary of the day I first stepped on the yellow foot prints of Parris Island and started one hell of an adventure.

I would have liked to have a more profound post with some epic words of wisdom to go with it, but the mood to really throw myself into my writing hasn’t hit me lately.  That’s fine, it happens.  After all, I’m not some damn columnist with deadlines to meet, and that’s for a perfectly good reason.  I think being forced to write takes all the joy and fulfillment out of it anyways.  It becomes less about what you HAVE to say, and more about filling a page with what you HAVE TO say, which often ends up not being your own words by the end of it.  That sounds like it would just make this whole ordeal miserable.

In truth, there is so much clickbait that I could write about right now that really, ultimately amounts to squat.  Speaking of squat – the whole Jenner sex change, don’t care.  Glad Jenner was able to find personal peace.  That takes bravery.  Bravery alone doesn’t make you a hero, though.  The worst thing at stake for Jenner was reputation, which was already tarnished by that ridiculous family and their absurd attention grabbing antics.

I could continue to talk about ISIS.  But honestly, I’m nearly fed up with screaming at the deaf (metaphorically).  They took Ramadi.  With hardly any fight.  Because the Iraqis that we had so much confidence in when we pulled out of Iraq dropped their guns faster than the French.  Guns, which your tax dollars helped purchase.  Guns, that are now in the hands of ISIS.197787-23aed564-4992-11e4-b01c-bb0ae8e97b2f

Guns that will later be used to execute civilian men, women, and yes, even fucking children.  Just remember, at the end of the day, Chris Kyle’s assessment of calling people like this “savages” was there for a reason.  I’ll refrain from posting any of the sickening mess that continues to go without recompense, but just so I can say that I told you later, they are committing war crimes on such a mass scale that it makes the Japanese invasion of China look like a game of beer pong.

Meanwhile, according to the President, we still don’t have a damn clue what we are going to actually combat the threat that ISIS poses.Obama-Facepalm  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/06/08/obama-under-fire-for-saying-no-complete-strategy-yet-for-training-iraqis/?intcmp=latestnews
Keep in mind that it has been over a year now since I’ve been banging the drum to march us off to go demolish ISIS, and within that year we haven’t been able to come up with one verifiably decent plan to do something more than conduct a few airstrikes here and there.  I have a feeling there’s going to be a few forced retirements very shortly…

But despite all of that disarray there is still a light in the world.  Well… more like 600 million new lights.  The rapper known as Akon had embarked on a mission to harness the power of the sun to provide electricity to the impoverished people of Africa.  I won’t steal his thunder by running my yam too much on here about it, but by all means, go check out the webpage for this project.

Akon arrives at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008, in Los Angeles.  (AP Photo/ Chris Pizzello)   Original Filename: Grammy_Awards_Arrivals_CAMW163.jpg

We often get wrapped around the convenience of having even simple things that use electricity, such as lights.  Imagine spending your entire life without it.  Half of you go insane without 4G cell signal, not even having a light would be the end of you.

So, take Akon’s example, and go spread a little light to those that have none… even if that light happens to be from tracers headed towards some very deserving people.
night_tracer_nvg725-300x136Stay hidden; stay safe.


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