Another Memorial Day has come and past and we took time to mourn friends lost along the way.  There were some good guys that had awful stuff done to them and the only condolence I can come to is that I hope they are at peace now.  Of course there are those who have been on a tear lately with their anti-american rhetoric, though they enjoy the safety and welfare our citizens and country provide.  They are scum, though they are exercising their free speech ultimately.  A right which we should remember that those lives lost were given for.  Despite their hateful propaganda, it sullies the memory of those that have gone too soon in the name of their country to denounce that they be allowed to say what they choose.  However, it should never come at the expense of others.

The flag burners, I get it, you’re making your statement with shock value.  You’re as bad as the kid wearing all black and eyeliner in high school.  Congratulations on being sooooo outrageous.  You win the free thinker award for the day since you’re unplugged from the matrix, Neo.  55627223

But that’s neither here nor there, because ultimately, your flag stomp/burn/desecrate is just the flavor of the week and eventually you’ll stop buying flags to burn because you are just spending your money on buying something that makes you appear as if you actually support American.  Congratulations on putting a lot of thought into that.  Even if you mess up someone else’s flag, they still just end up buying a replacement which is more money to flag producing companies and more apparent support to America.  Go you!  You fucking simpleton.

Getting to the point of it all.  I was reminded today of a particular group of people that I absolutely abhor – fucking intactivists.  They are worthless, bullying fucks, who prey on the insecurities of new parents who are worried about doing the absolute best for their child.  They can suck start a double barreled 10 gauge shotgun for all I care.  I witnessed this mob of irrational fanatics descend upon a group of people in a post today and just berate them with their unbased, unsound, no statistic having lunacy.  These short bus stay behinds have found a niche in global reporting of statistics, namely Africa, where often the surgery to remove the foreskin from a baby’s penis is done poorly, without anti-septic, and without proper equipment and medicines.  Oh, well, no shit, I can’t imagine that in third world countries the risk of performing a circumcision might outweigh the issues associated with not getting it trimmed down.  Hang on, I need a knee replacement, let me just hop on this plane to Africa to get it taken care of… said no person ever.

I hate them… passionately.  They not only get people to go against established medical personnel, and try to ruin their reputation, but they send the fucking hounds after any person they come across that is slightly considering circumcision for their child.  For some of you, you may remember reading my post about these bastards from last year, where my wife and I were hassled by these clowns on my son’s support page.  I’ll leave the details of this travesty to for you to go back and read, but needless to say, in a very trying time for my family, their only focus was upon my child’s penis, not the traumatic situation we had been enduring for the four months prior to that.  Anyone who thinks pushing their views on people in that situation while simultaneously demeaning them is ok, can get fucked… by a fire hydrant.
I place these idiots on the same moral level as anti-vaxxers, though I will give them the credit of at least their focus on little boy’s penises doesn’t potentially affect the entirety of our nation’s health, unlike an outbreak from the irresponsibility of anti-vaxxers… who can also get fucked.

There are so many things I could say about how their “facts” are lies and half truths, how they are just an awful kind of people that expect you to give up your legal guardianship of your child, and how they (literally) dress up in (circumcised) dick costumes which completely counter their agenda, but I would spend the rest of the night fuming over the waste of oxygen these people represent.  So the best ending note I can give you, is to remember that fads and trends, while hurtful at the time, come and go.  Beware of fanatics like intactivists though. They simply aren’t right in the fucking head.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


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