The Great American Stomp Out

First and foremost:
This is not meant to be stomped, stepped, worn as an article of clothing, to touch the ground, or be disrespected in any way by any American.  Period.  

I’m not going to hop on here and make threats.  That gets us no where.  I’m not going to hunt you down and kick your ass for it.  But damned if I’m not ashamed of the fact that people have died for you to be able to be an asshole.  So I’m doing the reasonable thing, and talking to any of you that may have a inkling of an idea that this ok like adults.  I’m not going to sit here and insult you, because I don’t need to lower myself to that standard, but I hope you will listen to what I have to say before you make the simple-minded assumption that I am merely a “flaggot”.  (Speaking of which, for a bunch of left leaning people to use a term in which you capitalize on a derogatory term for a people you claim to seek equal treatment for is… well, damn, no other way to put it, but you’re hypocrites)
I want to be clear, our government and its representatives do a lot of bad shit.  A LOT.  It happens.  You can not account for the intentions of 100% of every person.  This goes for Military Personnel, ABC Agencies, Senators, Representatives, State Officials, and even the President.  People, all people, will do something wrong in their lives, its just more speculation and severity is placed upon the people who are perceived to have “power”.  I’m not defending actions that have been taken in the past, present, or future, but rather disclaiming the assumption that because one jackass in the military snapped and shot some civilians in a town you can’t even pronounce the name of, does not give a complete representation of the other 496,000 people in the Army.  Holding one person’s actions to the mass like that is as simple of a comparison as saying, “well, there’s 41.7 million black people in America, but because of the 409 black on white murders in 2013, all black people are going to kill white people”.  That’s biased and insulting.  But that is what is happening in our nation currently; an angry movement to place the blame of the problems with individuals on the collective whole.  Stomping on the flag doesn’t send a message for change from your perceived imperialist government.  Stomp the shit out of it for all they care.  Most of the ones you want to hear the message have never sacrificed a day of their lives for that “piece of colored cloth”.  It means as much to them as a fart in the wind.  But for our veterans. the guys who make sure that we have a bill of rights that ensures your freedom to act like a juvenile asshat instead of having sharia law, you are shotgun blasting an insult for everything they have ever done to keep this nation afloat.  Making things worse, you’re not just insulting them and their friends that have given their lives for you, but if you are an American, you are insulting yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your ancestors and every single thing they have ever done to improve their lives under that banner.  Our flag represents every single American citizen to the other countries of the world.  When they see you as an American, you are automatically associated with our flag.  It is your avatar to the world that is too big to be concerned about the face on 1 in billions.  It symbolizes such greatness as manned aerial flight, automobiles, industrial modernization, landing on the moon and space exploration, medical care and advancements, and the list could go on for days.  All of those great contributions to the world, go hand in hand with the issues that have lead people to stomp on the flag in the first place.  Inequality, excessive police force, inequity, poverty, racism, and now even disrespect for our veterans – all of these are part of our history in America.  Our failures are just as important as our successes; though both, like every individual, are represented by our flag.

I don’t expect that I am going to be getting through to a lot of people.  If you have decided that flag stomping is the thing to do to express your inconsolable rage, then you probably stopped reading a while ago.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t at least put my words out there.  What you are successfully accomplishing is showing every other world country that we are weak.  We are divided.  That we are vulnerable.

Don’t believe that?  Don’t think that’s the message you’re sending?  Why then, after all of the threats from the Islamic State have they finally claimed to be behind the attack in Texas?  They have seen the division in America and they have decided that the time is now right to start enacting their mission to begin attacks within our country.  In case you missed it –

This threat has been taken so lightly that even the pentagon has issued an order to increase security at all of our nation’s military bases.

Now, is it possible that you are sitting there reading this and thinking, “well, I’m not military, so they’re not going to mess with me”.  Maybe so… initially.  They targeted a group that was highly considered to be poking the beehive when they sent two gunmen to Texas, but this is just the initial stage.  Once they start feeling emboldened to strike out, military targets are going to be less likely than you would think.  The military, as they have just increased security, is showing that they will be what is considered a “hard target”.  We will fight, and we will reduce their efforts.  They will lose too many fighters in an attempt to make a dent in our forces.  However, and time and time again it has been proven, civilian targets will make more of a statement about the lengths they will go to for their cause.  Civilians are less likely to put up a fight – making the kill to death ratio higher in the attackers’ favor.  Previous targets have been anywhere from politically significant, to just shooting up malls for a mass effect.  But hey, its ok, there’s no chance that you might just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when gunmen show up, right?

It all ties together.  I’ve been preaching for over a year now that we needed to be proactive about ISIS and in that year we’ve contributed a small effort to the fight against them and they have grown, expanded, and now even claim to have sent men to attack in Texas as a display.  Is it possible that these two men had no connection to ISIS and decided to attack of their own cognizance?  Completely possible!  ISIS has been on top of fighting with propaganda since day one.  This could easily be them trying to bluff the situation and appear to have actually been able to set foot in America.  Their entire statement could simply be a bunch of bullshit and especially given that they stated their fighters died willingly to prove a point, it sounds like desperation.  But what if its not?  Is that a risk that you want to take?  After what happened in New York in 2001 would you choose to not listen to intelligence analysts and advisers and allow the chance of a repeat occurrence?  I doubt it.

So with all of that being said, I will conclude with this – since everyone is all about doing “challenges” lately, I challenge you all: Reunite our nation.  Heal this country.  Do whatever you can to make America whole again.  Stop pissing on the place you live because at the end of the day, you still have to live here.  Your kids have to live with the repercussions of what you do today.  Make a difference.  Stop insulting the people that keep you safe because eventually they won’t want to worry about your safety when you’re a dick to them.  Come together, put all 50 stars back on the flag and make the statement to the world that we may have our problems here, but they’re our problems and we’ll still mess you up if you try to take advantage of it.  Make us the greatest nation in the world once again.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


2 thoughts on “The Great American Stomp Out

  1. There are 61 stars on that flag….

    Great article and a lot of great material in general. Keep on doing your thing.



    • Holy shit – attention to detail! Good eye there Mark and thanks for letting me know. It’ll be changed out shortly. For any of you catching up to this the flag originally placed at the top of this post had 61 stars instead of 50. I could justify that with American territories we oughta have 61+, but hey since it’s not the standard (yet) it’s getting switched.


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