Operation Avarice

Following up with my previous post about our reasons for being in Iraq, “Thin Red Lines”, more information has been released about the chemical weapons that drew us there in the first place.  Rather than do a full write up on the information, I’ll just allow you to read it here:


Key things you should take away from this article is that despite the town-criers and their arguments about the age of the munitions and WHEN they were produced, they were still there and the quality of the sarin gas was “excellent”, so-to-speak.  Just because they were old and beat up rounds, doesn’t mean that the gas couldn’t be extracted, as a few articles out there discuss, and placed in new munitions and 155MM rounds that were commonly used for IED’s.

Ultimately, yes, this was a buy back program, and we could have potentially funded operations that occurred against our own troops.  Given the options of guys running around with AK’s, RPG’s, and IED’s, as opposed to breathing in some shit that destroys my nervous system, I’ll take the smalls arms and defensible attacks any day of the week.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


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