WeaponsMan: On Standardization

A good take on a commonality that is often overlooked. I hear a lot of guys ask why they can’t pack their own gun off to war to use. Well… this.

As I saw where Mason Dixon Tactical reposted this as well with a similar statement, I HATE 5.56mm. Absolutely one of the worst rounds for power, penetration, and distance I’ve shot. But be assured, my love for its Eastern European counterpart will fall to second place when logistics become a necessity. Right now 7.62×39 is fairly common and cheap. It might not always be though.

One thing that wasn’t touched on throughout this is that learning to use the enemy’s weapons can be just as useful. I can have a squad of guys that looses two and we still manage to run through our own and their ammo. Then what? Better be able to function check and make ready the enemy weapons you’ve used your ammo to “acquire”. That’s a gift that keeps on giving. The more of the enemy you can kill and advance upon = the more ammo you’ll be able to replenish. (However, as Vietnam proved, always check for booby traps on fallen enemy weapons/gear/ammo. It’s worth taking the time to do so.)

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Sound advice.

Know your team’s gear.

You may be its final operator.

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