In its latest attempt to turn sci-fi into sci-reality, the US Navy has created an unmanned underwater vehicle that mimics the motion of a tuna while having an appearance of a shark…

navy-robotic-spy-fishWhile this UUV would have probably been better off being secret information, it has instead been blowing up all over my news feed (as well as people just now finding out about the laser they developed).  So, since it is now public knowledge on a widespread scale, lets discuss why it should have been kept quiet, and why they purposefully may have not kept it quiet.

BostonEngineeringCorporation-GhostSwimmerThe development project has been titled “GhostSwimmer”, though I think Robo-Shark just plain sounds cooler.  This vessel has a lot of potential.  However, it would have had a lot more, had no one known about it.  Instead of having an unassuming shark just swim nearby,now other militaries will begin working on ways to defeat it because they will be expecting it.  Between having simple observational capabilities and using those to adjust naval gunfire in a sea battle or even being able to place an explosive on an enemy ship undetected in place of the SEALS, this UUV could have accommodated a lot of missions.  But with its info being plastered up by every news media site around the nation, its stealth and surprise have just become greatly limited.

Now, why would the Navy want such a thing to be public knowledge?  Much like their laser cannon, they are likely posturing against the navies of opposing forces.  They are fluffing their chests and saying, “Look here at this awesome stuff we have!  We have all of this futuristic technology that you will be no match for!”  Honestly, they may not have developed a bit of it.  They may have just made this stuff up so that it scares the bejeesus out of some foreign militaries.  They could simply be bluffing so that no one wants to mess with them to begin with.  Or we might really be arrogant enough to show our hand early in the game.  I suppose the next naval battle we engage in will show off these capabilities and we shall see how it plays out.  Until then, my best advice for you?  Get some shark repellent…

Stay hidden; stay safe.


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