I’m going to begin this by stating something that I shouldn’t have to state, but will so that my words here are not misconstrued.  That seems to be the standard as of late; to twist another’s words to benefit your cause.  I fully expect someone will try to do that with the content of this post and therefore try to sling around the label that we use to unjustly demonize the patriotic in recent times, “domestic terrorist”.  That being said, this post is not me condoning the use of violence to affect change.  I believe the system will work if we use it properly, but that requires the effort on the part of the populace.  Nor am I condoning violence against the government.  That’s still violence, regardless of where it is directed.  What my intent with this post is to directly condemn the actions of the American rioters that have spread across the nation in the aftermath of the Michael Brown debacle.

The rioters and looters, particularly in Ferguson, Missouri, in protest against the police and what they believe is a “white-centric” system.  Two very authoritarian things to be against, both with obvious places and buildings which would be a focal point for these aggressions.  However, instead, our brilliant group of American rioters have taken to burning their own local businesses and neighborhoods and making a human chain on highways to prevent other citizens from getting to their jobs and going about their business.  Thus leaving us with images as such.

We’re angry at the police, so let’s go steal wigs.  
And of course, no riot would be complete without robbing a liquor store.

Let me be frank, I couldn’t be any more disgusted with these people and their reaction to the situation.  It is simply awful, and shows some of the worst sides of humanity.  On top of that, it shows the world that Americans are a bunch of simpletons.  While we are busy burning businesses to the ground, this is what we see out of the rest of the world and their riots:
In Mexico, rioters set fire to a local government building over the disappearance of 43 students.  They believe that the police rounded up the students and then handed them over to the local cartel, where they have not been seen since.  Rioters, angry with the police, are not burning down their own neighborhoods.

In Greece, people have been rioting over raised taxes, national debt, and government bail-outs.  These rioters have taken their fight directly to the Greek parliament and have even gone as far as setting fires to prevent parliament members from being able to go to work (pictured above).  The bottom picture was taken from parliament looking out at the crowd gathered in protest.  The Greeks, who have also been getting into some serious scuffles with the police, have not been burning down their own neighborhoods.  Though, apparently the Greek police don’t appreciate a fat beat…9751648-standard
Yes, Travis Barker, the drummer can get some!

And these riots aren’t limited to the civilian populace either!

hqdefault (1)
Hard to tell from these still pictures, but this is actually members of the Indian parliament rioting against themselves, during a session of parliament, inside of parliament!  Eighty-seven members are facing charges after this riot broke out over similar issues that faced Ferguson, Missouri.  These members are rioting over racial and religious inequality within India.  Literally, there is no quicker way to get the message across than having members of the legislature riot while doing their jobs.  And, no neighborhoods were burned down while this occurred.

I’ll say it again, I am not telling people to go attack government officials, buildings, or property.  I am however, making it a point to say, stop fucking up your own shit because you are angry.  Have some pride about yourself, and figure out a way to affect change that doesn’t involve stealing wigs, cigs, and booze.  Its embarrassing to your country, and you look like a bunch of kids throwing a temper tantrum.  Get your shit together!  All I see is a bunch of people that have no real idea what they want to accomplish and not a single clue as to what to do if they ever did accomplish anything.  You basically are running around waving this sign (below) and expecting respect and change to just magically appear.


Well, it won’t.  For anyone who has ever had a toddler, you know when they through a fit you are either just gonna ride it out until they get tired of it and decide to act right, or you are just going to spank them for acting up in the first place (or redirection, which seems eerily like how the media jumps from topic to topic. Hmmmm…).  Either way, usually, the situation lands in the parents favor and the toddler achieves nothing.  Your petty looting will get you some air jordans, but if the cops are really killing black males as often as everyone has been trying to make it seem, you really won’t get a chance to wear them anyways before you get killed, will you?  So stop being toddlers, have some conviction, and actually try to organize and have a plan if you are trying to make a change.  Otherwise, you’ll have even worse conditions when you are done with your fit and you have burned down your home, grocery store, gas station, local fast food restaurants, and ect.  Have fun with that.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


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