Frozen: Black Ice And A Reality Shot

10678620_10152548418874191_1892128368172231448_nI often post on here about topics dealing with military crap, world events, or government issues, but a big part of my life is my children.  My daughter is a little bit of light in my life.  That spark that maybe I could make something worthwhile out of my existence.  I want her to grow up to be an outstanding person and a contributing member of society who will be more than I ever could.  She may grow up to meet none of these expectations if she so chooses, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to nudge her in the right direction along the way where I can.  So like most involved parents of toddlers, I too have seen Disney’s “Frozen” more times than I care to admit.  The bad part about it is that I actually enjoy it (in moderation).  I find that it is a different kind of story than what you would typically expect from Disney and it establishes a certain level of independence among its female characters.  Between that and “Brave”  I thoroughly enjoy that Disney is teaching my daughter that if she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t have to conform to whimsical stereotypes that have to wait for some stranger that may or may not actually be royalty to swoop in and save her.  I feel these movies are wired to teach my daughter that she can shoot a bow and go fishing if she wants, instead of spinning thread.  She can choose to love her family more than a man she hardly knows.  She doesn’t have to get married simply because that’s what’s expected for a “happy ending”.  She can just as easily go help her grandfather work on tractors out in the barn.


So, with my explanation being stated on why I care in the first place, allow me to share with you a disturbing image that I ran across earlier.

Automatically, there will be two sides that are being jumped to here; A) I can’t believe this bothers him, he’s such a racist, and there should be more ethnicity in Disney movies; And B) I can’t believe someone would post this garbage and make a Disney movie about race, what was wrong with princesses being white and living in a castle fantasy world, why change what works.  I fall into neither of those categories, though, because it has happened before, being that I am white there are people who will automatically place me in category B.  But, I did say this image disturbed me, and I will explain myself for that statement.

The movie is about northern europeans.  It is simply historically inaccurate to expect that there was a black princess who became queen in northern europe during that time.  Yes, this is a work of fiction.  There are trolls made out of rock.  But how ridiculous would it be if we had a story based in africa where the tribal princess was a white girl?  People would be fuming over that.  So why then, should anyone have the gaul to taint a children’s movie with such a loaded topic such as race in the first place and give children the idea that the historical context that it occurs in could possibly support the idea that there would be a northern european black princess in the 15th century or before?  Why would you attempt to confuse children into thinking that?  It purely lacks sense and show an over-inflated sense of entitlement.  To make matters worse, it’s not like Disney hasn’t spent the last 20 years cranking out different ethnicity heroines anyways.  They’ve actually kinda skipped around in an attempt to allow everyone to feel included.  Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Lilo, Tiana all sending very positive messages to little girls out there that it doesn’t matter what race you are, you can still have your happy ending if you try for it.  But when we start wanting to change the story and bend it just for the fact that we either feel entitled or excluded then we are only doing a disservice to our children.  We should tell the story as it is.  An arabian woman in Alladin.  A native american in Pocahontas.  A chinese woman in Mulan, and so on and so forth.  Why are people so eager to try and rewrite history simply because their child likes something that doesn’t “look” like them or it doesn’t fit into their preconceived notion of what their child should like?
Simple food for thought.  Are you helping them by doing this, or are you hurting them?

But let’s move past this into a few different aspects that I like about “Frozen”.  This guy…
19ab82bf8be4339b07537248b9bc9815…is certainly is a disingenuous dickweed, but I love that his character was portrayed the way it was.  Up until the point that he was shown to be a disingenuous dickweed we all thought he was going to be the prince to help save the day.  Fucking how wrong were you!  And that’s what I like about him.  He is real.  He teaches little girls that not every “prince” is a good guy and some are just there to take advantage of you,  Score one for making parenting easier!  Thanks douche!  Hopefully my daughter remembers him when she starts dating.  He completely breaks the mold for Disney’s prince formula and the fact that he betrays, well… everybody, is golden exposure to real life because there are people out there like him and not everyone is some awesome guy that is just waiting to give your little girl “true love’s kiss”.

Also while we’re on the topic of the guys in “Frozen”, let’s discuss Mr Friendzone as well.  2ed135addeaeb2d40075c93f2d677cd9I like that this picture had it’s own summary.  It saved me a lot of time writing it out.  The good guy, that despite saving the girl, doesn’t actually get the girl (initially).  Doesn’t get more real than that.  And how much of your standard guy is he anyways, running around just trying to do his job, hanging out with his pet who is his best friend, and some crazy relatives that are overly pushy.  Definitely sounds like a lot of the “normal” guys out there.  Then there’s this though…

f7f6dc7c6e80a20eeadbfee8e2174b8f7686178464_fdc8ea66c7The first Disney movie that explicitly discusses the fact that IT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA TO MARRY SOMEONE YOU JUST MET!  This seems to be the signature of all these old school princesses that get saved by some random guy and they instantly fall in love and get married with out ever having courted, dated, lived together or even met each other’s families in most cases.  Now what the hell kind of message is that to send to little girls?  Naw, it’s cool, go shack up with 7 little dudes and then eat an apple some random bag lady gives you and marry the dude that tries to make out with you while you’re roofied into a coma.  Sounds like a solid plan to me Snow White, go for it.  Oh, you’re a mermaid that is infatuated with some guy that lives on land, let’s go ahead and make a deal to give up your voice so you can deceive him into falling in love with you.  That’s the basis for a trusting relationship Ariel, enjoy your divorce a year later.

Now, does the movie have it’s downfalls?  Yes.  When you’ve heard the chorus to “Let It Go” screamed instead of sung, repeatedly, only the chorus, for 30 minutes, at 10 PM, by the neighbor’s child, right next to our fence, which is pretty close to the open window of my sleeping child, who didn’t really want to go to sleep in the first place, after you had a long day at work, and your pregnant and hormonal wife worked all day as well, and the parents aren’t doing anything about it, then yeah, that part gets old real fast.

This was created shortly after this very real incident happened….
neighbor girlSometimes making a meme to vent is a better option than actually throwing your neighbor’s child in a lake.  Sometimes…

Stay hidden; stay safe.