Brown Man Fear

Firstly, let me a address a common misconception I have seen growing steadily since this time 13 years ago:

this is not thisHopefully that clarifies it for a few of you, but since I’m sure it didn’t do it for all of you I’ll elaborate further.  Sikhs (on the left) are not muslims, arabs (on the right), islamists, or even jewish since some of you can’t tell the difference.  They are about as close to being muslim as christians are.  Like both islam and christianity, the sikhs believe in a monotheistic religion, but that is about as similar as they get.
For a full summary and overview may I refer you to the following link:

Furthermore, they aren’t even from the same place.  Sikhs are from India.  While muslims get around quite a bit, they have about as much of a muslim population as Russia, which says a lot since Putin recently banned islamic culture from Russia.  If you need some more visual aids for this, please allow me to help.
ArabMapHopefully the visuals helped.  But let me throw a few statistics your way as well, because… well… QUANTIFY!

muslim_2000_finalFrance and Austria have equal amounts of muslims as India by percentage.


In fact, Southeast Asian countries have more per populace than India does and they wouldn’t even qualify as “brown” through racially tinted glasses.  In fact, you have just as much chance of running into a black man who is muslim as a brown man, thus defeating your common negative stereotype.  And to follow up with a good solid comparison, we have cities in America that have a higher percentage of muslims per person (Dearborn, MI at roughly 40%) than India (13.4%).
Just because you see some brown man with facial hair running around with a “towel” wrapped around him head it doesn’t mean he is muslim, and it certainly doesn’t mean he has a bomb.  This simplistic ignorance is why we are quickly alienating all of our allies worldwide and why we may soon find ourselves dethroned from the global seat of power.  While wandering around aimlessly playing on iphones we can’t take the time to figure out the differences between two completely different groups of people and learn a little culture.  How would you as an American feel if you were called a limey brit?  First reaction would likely be something along the lines of offense, and then a follow up with “fuck you, I’m from Murica!”  Now take that, and multiply it by being compared to a bunch of radical extremists and imagine how irritating that would be.  Especially when we have Sikhs that leave their homeland to join the American armed forces to help us fight the radical islamic threat, like this guy:
10600447_900349956659016_5571522438390493511_nCaptain Kalsi (now a major) caused a lot of stir when he, through use of the system, got the US Army to allow him to go against the grooming standards established in army regulation 670-1 and was also authorized to wear his religious head garment, a turbin.  He was instantly labeled brown and different by the masses and thus referred to as a muslim, arab, islamic, and ultimately a terrorist, all simply because of people’s ignorance.  When told he is a doctor, people instantly jump to saying they wouldn’t let that al-qaeda fuck heal them.  For one, he’s a doctor, there’s the implied code of “do no harm” involved there.  You know, ethics and morals, which most people are void of as of late?  Those things?  Heard of them?  Probably not.  Secondly, if you are in the military (any branch), this guy’s a captain.  He’s an officer.  You might not respect him for being brown and different, but that rank he wears is still two bars and shiny and someone that probably has something on his chest reminiscent of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” decided that this guy was worth allowing regulations to be bent for.  So shuddup!  Though, I am jealous of getting to rock a beard.  Lucky bastard.

So, if you could please stop blowing up my feed with CPT Kalsi here, and saying things like “Obama’s Military” and “Terrorists Have Infilitrated” and all kinds of other malicious shit before your dumb remarks cause all of our allies to leave us hanging in the wind while Russia and China tag team our ass like a new guy in prison, that would be awesome!

Stay hidden; stay safe.