Left or Right

Read this article first, then I will say my piece.



For those of you who never cared, never cared to ask, or flat out assumed, I don’t like political party affiliations.  I actually despise them.  In my youth I learned towards republican, but as I’ve grown I’ve found that neither one suits me.  Both sides regularly screw things up and blame the opposition for their problems instead of taking responsibility for their actions, decisions, and votes.  I have found that while campaign promises are great, they typically don’t take the views of their constituents seriously and vote towards what ever lean their political party affiliation has.  I think that mindless drabble will never fix anything other than putting money in their own pockets.  I have been known to purposefully not vote if I feel none of the candidates represent our nation appropriately.  Why should I have to choose between person A who doesn’t represent my views and person B who equally doesn’t represent my views.  In the end I still lose. 


I feel that dissolving party affiliations will help people get over this left vs right mentality.  Instead, I would hope that people would educate themselves before casting their vote blindly based on what color background is behind the candidate, what color their skin pigment is, or what genitalia is between their legs.  If you are not aware of what the stance of the person you voted for is on at least the important topics then what business do you have voting and potentially mindlessly ruining the country for the rest of us?  In this modern age there is no reason why you as a person cannot research your candidate and make a harder/better decision than which cereal you will buy in the supermarket.  

Furthermore, if in the case of the aforementioned article, you have such a huge issue with a person based on their political affiliation that you simply cannot fathom coexisting with them, then maybe you are the problem.  That’s like saying you don’t like someone because of their choice in music, food, or even religion.  You had might as well be a racist while you’re at it too, as you have effectively lumped and categorized the person based on views and remarks from other people that they have been deemed similar to.    

8212163b512238800d21c7d43fb3c12f8d52225e9ee6d338921d89737329b352So with that, I feel that forcing people to be part of an “us vs them” group when it comes to voting does no more than make the situation worse.  It does no more than give us a reason to be divided, when to fix these issues we need to be united.  

Stay hidden; stay safe. 


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