“My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.”


One of the more memorable quotes from the movie “Aliens”.  In the movie a little girl is referring to alien creatures that have infested and killed her entire colony, to include her family.  These monsters, as they were called, were as you expect a monster to be: big, scary, blood thirsty killers that make a habit of hiding in the dark.  But recent occurrences have shown that our perceptions of what monsters look like is greatly over – exaggerated.   They look like you and me. 


As I hold my premature son, who is hooked up to so many machines it looks like something out of a sci-fi flick, I have nothing better to do than read, watch netflix, and peruse facebook.  Typically the latter takes less concentration and eventually consumes most of my time.  Today, however, the articles appearing in my news feed have been particularly hard to ignore.  The headlines mentioning children being beheaded by ISIS in Mosul burned my eyes to read.  I want dearly to be able to ignore these things.  I want to be globally ignorant and enjoy the bliss and serenity of holding my own child.  I can’t though.  No matter how hard I try.  So I opened the article. 

You can read it for yourself as well here; though be warned it contains images that may turn your stomach.

For any of you who opted not to open it, the article is an account of a group of real life monsters in the middle east that go by ISIS.  I’ve written articles before about the importance of stopping this group from making themselves more prolific.   Some of you listened, though I know I am far from affecting the change that is necessary to rally our government against them.  Despite the fact, allow me to try once again to persuade you to open your eyes towards the threat that ISIS poses to world. 


These monsters wish the entire world to be Muslim and to follow sharia law.  As easy as that.  Everyone that is alive.  Their way of life.  No compromise.  If you are not Muslim you will either convert or ISIS will kill you.  There have been people in Iraq that have paid a “tax” to remain Christian, though part of this tax that they don’t mention until after the fact, is that they take your wife and children and give them to their soldiers as wives.  These new wives will then be either converted or killed, as this patriarchal society has dominion over their wives as property.  Some people aren’t even being given the choice to convert particularly in the area of Mosul. 

If ISIS is well practiced at one thing they  have an excellent fear propagation campaign.  They are willing to go through great lengths to scare the local populace into submission.  It was particularly effective against the Iraqi Army when they first pushed into Iraq.  So much that their northern cities were virtually unprotected.  Now civilians are left to be reigned over by murders who define terrorism in their every action.  They have gone about instilling fear by executing people en mass, but their latest fear campaign goes beyond anything else the world has experienced in this generation.  They have begun executing children of Christian families and placing their heads on sticks in public parks.  It’s sickening to repeat as I grind my teeth and hold my own son closer. 

These monsters that do these atrocities in the name of Allah are putting children’s heads on display to coerce people to convert to their religion of peace.  All of this is in the name of an invisible idea that is taken from an ancient, possibly fictional, book.   It’s infuriating that such small minds would do such terrible things because of the interpretation of man.  It’s awful and it seems that no matter how many people die for this religious claim, no one learns. 



This is a holocaust, plain and simple.  The Christians that aren’t killed by ISIS will want to die shortly after they finish their devious plans anyways.  What ISIS has done is no better than Hitler and his political party rounding up the Jewish people and giving them special showers.  In fact, I’ve never seen anything where the Nazis placed children’s heads on display in their own towns.  Yes, they had many of their own atrocities and were quite the monsters themselves,  but the Nazis did most of their dirty work behind closed doors.  To the point that the concentration camps were a surprise when the allies found and liberated them.  ISIS not only publicly does their deeds, but broadcasts them. 

With that, I hope the dire circumstances in Iraq hit home.  This is the modern holocaust with the perpetrators being more savage than the Nazis of World War II.   If after this, you still can’t get behind taking action in the mess in Iraq then may whatever God you pray to have mercy on you.  ISIS won’t.  

Monsters are real, and they really are after your children.

Stay hidden; stay safe.