The Defamation Of An American Hero: Jesse Ventura

Within the last month, while handling the medical situation involving my son, I have seen a lot of good people show love to a tiny baby that they have never/may never meet.  We have been given so much support that it astounds me.  I would have never thought that this many people would come together to help out my family in our time of need.  And I appreciate every last one of you.  That being said, I have also been shown some of the worst side of humanity within the last couple weeks as well.  I could go on about the situation with Israel.  Or write another lengthy report on Isis and how these cockroaches are forcefully converting christians at gun point.  I could, but that is the world.  These things have and will continue to happen over the course of history.  It’s nothing new, just new faces.  But beyond these overt atrocities, there stands one larger obscenity happening within our very own borders.  No, it’s not the border crisis.  It is the defamation of the American hero, Former Governor Jesse Ventura.  

Jesse Ventura, born James George Janos, served as a Navy UDT during the Vietnam War, though he never managed to see combat.  Afterwards he began a career in professional wrestlng where he went by what is now his common name, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, did a stint in acting, and eventually got into government and politics where he held offices of mayor and governor.  Sounds like a pretty prestigious guy right?  A true American hero?  Well, that’s what he believes himself to be.  Though his actions of late have definitely shown he is quite the opposite.  

Supposedly, the late Navy Seal Sniper extraordinaire, Chris Kyle, had a run-in with “The Body” in a bar.  He wrote about the incident in his book though didn’t divulge the name in writing.  He claimed that the person in question had been being a loud mouth all night and final made a statement about how the Seals now-a-days could stand to lose a few guys.  To which Chief Kyle, while at the wake of a team member, decided he would dot said person’s eye for that statement.  That was pretty much the sum total of everything he said in his book, American Sniper.  

Now this could have just as easily been the end of the situation.  Chris Kyle says one thing, Jesse Ventura says another.  That’s life, people disagree.  However, ole’ Jesse just couldn’t let it roll and be the bigger man about what could have been brushed off as a false claim, so he started the process to try to sue Chris Kyle for defamation of character.  This suit was in the works prior to Chris Kyle’s death, I willingly acknowledge that.  And then of course, while helping a fellow veteran with PTSD, he and a friend were gunned down on the firing range.  He left behind a wife (Taya) and two young children.  Now, any normal person would assume that with the man who slighted him dead, Jesse Ventura would drop the suit and carry on with his life.  Normal people would.  10561732_837288106283377_6995215309930911164_n
Let me give you a little more background on Mr. Ventura.  He never saw combat, though is constantly quoted alluding to the possibility that he might have.  This guy is trying to push the idea of having been there, without setting himself up to get called out on it.  He’s like that Army Specialist that sat in the arms room and didn’t do shit, but brags to his friends back home about how awesome he is.  He’s a fucking worm.  To make matters worse, after all of this self promoting he has dedicated his life to, he now has become a conspiracy theorist and uses his name to talk countless dopes into believing some whacked out idea that 9/11 was all faked.  To top that ridiculousness, he continued to pursue the family of the late Mr. Kyle for the reparations for his defamation of character case, despite Chris Kyle not being able to defend himself in court.  Simple cowardice.  Suing a widow with two kids, over a statement that he could have easily denied.  To make matters worse, the amount he wanted was 1.8 million dollars.  













Almost two million dollars.  Really Jesse?  Your good name is worth two million dollars?  I doubt it, you fucking nutjob.  What tarnish you had on your name, what ever fear you felt from the Seal community, I guarantee you just quadrupled it by suing a widow over a beef you had with her husband.  I personally hope Seal Team 6 fast ropes in and stomps your junk out like a fire.  You deserve a stomp to your junk for every dollar you take from the Kyle family.  Almost two million dollars and if that wasn’t enough, you go and pull this crap as well:

screen-shot-2014-07-29-at-8-03-02-pmEat a dick Jesse Ventura.  Grow the fuck up, be a man, and stop using the legal system to set up a retirement on the backs of a grieving family.  You’re a clown shoe and any good thing you ever did in your life was just completely overshadowed by your whining excuse at revenge for some playground bullshit.  Honestly, you don’t like the current breed of Seals?  I get that.  I talk shit on the new generation of privates all the time.  They fucking suck, and they need some hard lessons in life.  I could get over the “supposed” statement because I understand where that frustration comes from, but how you followed up… I can’t excuse that.  I won’t excuse that.  You sir, are a douche.  And I hope you happen to catch that ebola virus floating around right now.  I sincerely hope they make it even worse by putting that scene in the American Sniper movie due out in 2015.  I really want to watch that happen.  That’s what you deserve for your actions, not 1.8 million dollars.  
douchebagThat being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Chris Kyle’s book, American Sniper.  It was a good read and tells an interesting story.  I sincerely hope that some of you go out and purchase the book and help support his family through the royalties.  Also, like I mentioned, there’s a movie about him coming out next year starring Bradley Cooper, who by the way got his swoll on for the role (ahem, ladies).  Yet another way to help out the family of a fallen veteran by making that thing a block buster.  Let that family know that their patriarch did the right thing as a man should.  Let them know he is still a hero, no matter how much money someone tries to weasel from them.  

Also, there is a company that has been producing memorial shirts for Chris and his friend Chad Littlefield, called  They provide a large portion of the proceeds directly to Taya and the kids, so if you would like a pretty kick ass shirt and to help out the family you can order one here: 
I have one and it’s one of my favorite shirts.  Come together and help support another veteran family that has been put in a crap situation.  Lend a hand guys.  







Stay hidden; stay safe.


One thought on “The Defamation Of An American Hero: Jesse Ventura

  1. I respect your opinion. But, the lawsuit is against the insurance company. Errors and Omissions. Not Kyle’s wife. The lawsuit in no way affects her directly or his estate.


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