The Litchfield Lighter

I was already working on the next post when I saw this little trick done.  So, tonight you get a two-fer.

Since I’ve been hanging out at the hospital lately while my son gestates in his bubble I’ve been having to branch out and find ways to preoccupy myself.  Otherwise, I would sit there in a state of hyper-anxiety as I watch ever single bleep of his monitor and freak out at every alarm that sounds.  With nothing better to do but wait and hope I have taken to watching Orange Is The New Black.  The show is a Netflix original series about a women’s prison and all of the antics that go on there.  Admittedly, I was initially drawn to the show because I had heard that you get to see Laura Prepon’s (known for her character of Donna from “That 70’s show”) boobs.  Guilty.  Don’t care. I’m a guy, I’m allowed to like boobs.  Either way, that occurred within 5 seconds of the opening theme ending, so I kind of got hooked immediately.  Also, for any of you 80’s children that had a crush on Baroness from “GI-Joe” she has that look going on, so yeah…

Laura Prepon leaving Orange Is the New Black during Season 2Anyways, back to the point of this post.  I’m about half way through season 2 and some of them score some tobacco and devise a plan to sell hand rolled cigarettes to the other inmates.  So two of the girls meet in the showers to conduct their deal and when the customer finally gets over the fact that there is a cigarette in front of her, she asks the obvious question of, “How am I supposed to light this? What, I gotta rub two sticks together or something?”
Now, if you’ve ever tried that, then instantly you just said fuck no to that.  It doesn’t work so well and you usually expend a bunch of energy for a slightly warm stick.  At this point in the show, the cigarette dealer then pulls out a simple two part contraption that she calls “The Litchfield Lighter”.  Holy shit, I had to go look it up to see if it was a real thing or just movie magic.  This thing is insanely simple requires two items you typically carry anyways and worked better than any improvised fire started I’ve had the privilege to use.  You take a single AA battery and a folded gum wrapper that is pinched in the middle and simply touch the ends to the ends of the battery.  Boom! The foil side ignites the paper side and you got a flame going.  Too easy.  For those of you who are visual learners and don’t care to endure a bunch of lesbian sex and comical drama by watching the show, here is the video of someone doing it on Youtube. Enjoy!

Stay hidden; Stay safe.




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