Patrol Cap (or any other) Modification For Night Time Ops

Good idea. Beat me to a post I was going to do about an idea I had. But I guess I need to step it up and make a complete product.

Mason Dixon Tactical

13 July, 2014


     Students ask me all the time, “How do we see the guy in front of us on a really dark patrol?”. My answer is first and foremost that the situational variables (terrain and illumination, etc.) dictate your spacing and formation (tight ranger file, 5-10 mtr spread wedge etc.). Using your training and experience (you’re practicing movement at night, right?)  and applying 2 of the most important principles in the 5 principles of patrolling, CONTROL and COMMON SENSE, will get you through a patrol without losing anyone, or getting lost yourself.

     You should always plan on the lowest common denominator when it comes to reliance on equipment. Night vision and Thermal viewers are great, but will let you down when needed the most (Damn Murphy again), and if you’re gonna plan on using visual aides, using something that doesn’t required batteries or a certain level of illumination…

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One thought on “Patrol Cap (or any other) Modification For Night Time Ops

  1. You know a really useful modification is to actually sew cat eyes into the outside collar of your blouse/jacket or put a peice of Velcro there it functions the same as having them on a patrol cap/Kevlar put allows you to hide them with the flap of your collar when glowing green tabs nights not be needed


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