Forewarning, this post is going to be on a subject that has training value.  It is probably a darker type of topic for some of you, but the knowledge is a necessary and lost part of my job; especially as a soldier serving as reconnaissance or a sniper.  Often being concealed as we have to do brings us a little too close to the enemy and situations have to be resolved before we become compromised.  It’s a nasty business getting that close.  It becomes more personal when you can smell a person, see his sweat, hear his breathing.  It goes beyond just pulling a trigger.  There’s a lot more of a mental aspect to putting your hands on someone with the intent to kill.  There’s so much more anticipation when you wait in a bush, hoping to silently dispatch someone who could bring a whole lot of hell down on you if you mess up.  It takes a lot more composure, a lot more patience, a lot more accuracy than you would think, and it takes a whole lot of nerves.

I suggest if there is a place for you to stop reading, it should probably be here if this is not your cup of tea.  Some of these pictures are going to be graphic.  You’ve been warned.


Let me start by saying that the human body is a pretty resilient thing.  We were designed to survive in every thing from freezing cold to blistering heat.  Regularly people with injuries continue to function without having the realization that they are in-fact injured.  Especially any case where adrenaline is involved; its like your body’s home grown crack.  That being said, imagine any scenario where you have been surprised.  Some one jumped out and scared the shit out of you.  What happened?  Your body dumped its adrenaline and you probably went into a fight or flight mode without realizing that’s what it was.  Once you took a second to conclude that you were not in danger and that the person was just an asshole, your heart was still going strong.  Thank you adrenaline.  Now put this same concept into someone jumping out of a bush to actually kill you.  You’re immediately going to attempt to run or fight.  So will who ever you have to do it to.


Yeah, well he lived up to the tattoo


The notes with this one said she didn’t even know she had a knife sticking out of her


(Before I move on, I would like to point out that both of the above pictures would have been kills if their attackers had used a bullet instead.  Let me also state, [because some nut job that thinks guns are the devil will try to bring it up] that while FBI statistics reflect a significantly lower number of knife deaths than gun deaths, that doesn’t change the fact that someone wanted someone else dead.  If you ban guns, you will then effectively make knife deaths be the leading cause of murders.  Then what?  We’re not allowed to cook in our own homes?  We have to register our kitchen sets? Everyone can go buy a knife.  And a murderer will murder any which way they can.  If you don’t believe me, you can read the part about “personal weapons” and how it accounts for 6%.)

Continuing on…
To counter this reactionary state you have to use their body against them.  Make it stop before it can start.  This it why I mentioned accuracy earlier.  If you come at a guy like its some slasher film and hope that you do some damage, you may just give them enough time to either counter you or call for help; neither of which you want to happen.  You have to induce such a shock to his nervous system that his body shuts down, if only briefly.  You have to hit the nerves.


This is your nervous system (males).  As you can see, you have a wonderful amount of nerve endings in the place that everyone likes to hit.  Now you know why that is so.  If you look rearward and follow those nerves they all bundle right up the middle, wrap around a few other organs and then proceed right up your spine.  This is the part where it gets fun.  As much as it hurts to get kicked in the testicles, aim a little further back next time and kick them in the taint.  Yes, I said taint.  I’m sure there’s a scientific name for it, but you get taint.  If you’re lost on this word its the area that “iT AIN’T the balls and iT AIN’T the asshole; its in between”.  Crystal clear now?  Either way, hit that wonderful little bundle of nerves that runs inside of the taint and they’re going down.  I’ve personally watched a man writhe on the ground longer for that, with no attempt to even stand up, than any time I’ve seen someone get hit in the testicles.  It hurts, and it hurts bad.
So to make things even better, if you are prone on the ground or crouched in concealment, you are in a prime spot to slip a knife upward into this area and completely disable your opponent.  Further expanding on this method, you can use his belt or pant line to leverage yourself into the thrust better.  Once you have made contact, you need to try to keep your opponent as silent as possible.  Meaning, when you cripple this guy through an extraordinary amount of pain he is going to fall.  Since you have already put weight into his belt line and his general center of gravity, pull him back on to you.  In doing this he will fall as less of a slump like a sack of potatoes, thus making a bunch of noise, and instead will fall with redirected momentum and on to you, slowing and cushioning the noise from his fall.  This will also set you up for what you have to do next.

Now does just that one stab kill him?  No.  He may bleed out if untreated over time, but by no means is he permanently out of the fight.  Once you have him down, you have to finish taking care of your business.  I won’t get into the specifics with this, but whatever happens from here you have to be quick about it.

The next gem of a spot is every prisoner’s favorite spot: the kidneys.  Similar to the taint, it is a fairly low spot, however, easier to miss than one would think.  They sit slightly higher than most people believe and you almost have to go at a slight upward angle to make sure you avoid the ribs, which is perfect when attacking from concealment.


Also this shot can be taken standing with a low forward thrust if so inclined or positioned.  I do recommend that if possible, you muffle the mouth to try to ensure silence.  Since you are standing and you will need to let the body down quietly, grapevine his leg as you do it to gain control and fall back in a rolled manner, and pull him with you.  Then from there do what you need to.


Every spy/knife fighting/slasher/whatever movie loves to throw in a slit throat when they can.  Nothing gets the crowd churning more than a slow gurgling death scene with blood pouring out.  Unfortunately, if you have to do this, it won’t be a movie.  That wonderful gurgling you hear is that guy still breathing and still being alive, and makes a lot of noise.  Unless you actually know what you are doing here, don’t.  What you are probably going to do in the process of you being all excited is try to muffle their mouth and when you attempt to slide the blade, you’re probably going to cut your own arm in the process.  Its happened.  Don’t do it.

I’m not going to talk about the “right” way to appropriately do this.  Its one thing teaching how to injure, its another teaching faceless people how to kill.  I have to draw the line somewhere and besides, I’m sure if you need to you take a stab at it and figure out the rest.

Stay hidden; stay safe.


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