Developing Situations

As I sit here and dwindle away in Advanced Leaders Course, I can’t help but read article after article about Iraq and this group that has only recently made headlines, ISIS.


ISIS, if you haven’t been keeping up, stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. This group formed from the remainder of the insurgency in Iraq when we pulled out in 2011. These clever bastards bided their time while we left, reconsolidated forces, got some new leaders, and then everything happened in Syria’s civil war. So new, leaders, new group, and a new conflict with a less combat hardened and trained opponent. Sounds like a great place to develope tactics and techniques to me. Apparently it did for them too, because that’s what they did.

Remember all of these guys that hid behind signs expressing their view that we shouldn’t be involved in another conflict in the middle east? Yeah, these pussies who didn’t have the balls to hold their oath or show their face to reveal their true cowardess…


While all of these valorous service members made a scene about the United States being involved in Syria’s civil war on social media sites, and unfortunately some of you just ate it up, we could have been on the ground there hashing out the situation and preventing what ultimately became the Audioslave (supergroup) of terrorist organizations.  So for those of you who supported staying out of Syria, I don’t condemn you unless you made one of these signs,  but do understand that global issues are more than what you see and share on facebook.

Things have been building for a while.  Molding, becoming a snowball on a mountainside.  We left a fragile Iraq when we pulled out.  Their soldiers and police had relied heavily on troop support and most of the credit that was given to them for mission accomplishment should have actually fallen on our troops holding their hands through it, if not doing it for them.  Most of the Iraqi forces I encountered were complete bumblefucks when left on their own, and would often at a drop of a hat leave their post for no good reason (in some cases the reason was donkey-fucking, but that’s a different story altogether).  The decision was made to leave this infant state to handle its own affairs and we up and left.  We were allowed to leave fairly peacefully.  If no one else noticed, everyone who had been fighting us with exception, let us walk out.  Why kick a bull in the balls when its going to leave you alone?  I knew from the moment we hit the Kuwait border convoying out of there, this was inevitable.

(If it seems like I might skip around at this point, just bear with me.  It might get a little wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey here, but this will all piece together to the picture that is now.)

September 11, 2001, New York City, New York
A relatively unknown terrorist group has members highjack planes in an organized strike.  Two planes crash in to the world trade center and one hits the pentagon.  Thousands are killed in the attack, fueling the response that becomes an on-going war in Afghanistan to hunt down members of the group responsible for the attack.  There were intelligence reports filed about the group of terrorists, though nothing was ever done as a preventative measure to keep this incident from happening.  The group was ignored until they were able to attack us on our own soil.

March 19, 2003, Iraq
America invades Iraq with the intent to free the people from the tyrant Saddam Hussein.  The overall mission was “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people”  This conflict would continue through December 2011, and involved many major battles in the larger cities of Iraq.  No weapons of mass destruction were ever found and much criticism was made involving the idea that the conflict was centered around Iraq being an oil rich country that the United States wanted as an ally.

January 28, 2011 – On-Going, Syria
Protests begin and grow over the next few months over democratic reform of the current government of Syria.  In April, the Syrian Army began deadly attacks on towns to quell the protests.  By July the Free Syrian Army began to fight back starting a civil war in the country.  In 2013, Hezbollah entered the war in support of the Syrian army. The Syrian government is further upheld by military support from Russia.  According to the United Nations, the death toll surpassed 100,000 in June 2013, and reached 120,000 by September 2013.  Chemical weapons have been used many times during the conflict as well. The UN and Amnesty International’s inspections and probes in Syria determined both in 2012 and 2013 that the vast majority of abuses, as well as the largest in scale, are committed by the Syrian government.  The support of terrorist organizations in the area lead to many Americans to believe we should not be involved as we would be backing the lesser of two evils.  Many service members speak out against being involved as well through social media and fuel support for leaving the situation alone, despite the confirmed use of chemical weapons by the government and other atrocities.  Terrorists are able to maintain the fight in Syria and practice new techniques and tactics with weapons given to them by supporting countries.  America’s lack of involvement allows them free reign to engage the Syrian Army and grow as an organization.


September 11, 2012, Benghazi, Libya
U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were killed in an organized, premeditated attack.  Within hours, another compound was targetted and two CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty, were killed by the same mob.  There was little repercussion in return for these deaths, and there has been much criticism over the lack of assistance that was sent to them.  The person the blame was placed on for the lack of action has been considered a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential election.

February 26, 2014 – Ongoing, Crimea, Ukraine
Unmarked armed forces began to take over the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. Experts identified the gunmen to be Russian Special Forcesand other paramilitaries.  On April 17, Vladimir Putin admitted that Russian troops were active in Crimea.    The United States, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Canada, Japan, The Netherlands, South Korea, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Australia and the European Union as a whole condemned Russia, accusing it of breaking international law and violating Ukrainian sovereignty. Many of these countries implemented sanctions against Russia.  Nothing else has been done by any of these countries.  Russia rolled three tanks into Ukraine yesterday.  We continue to do nothing.

May 31, 2014, Afghanistan
SGT Bowe Bergdahl, a prisoner of war in Afghanistan under questionable circumstances, is released by his captors in trade for a sum of money and the top five terrorists being held in Guatamano Bay, Cuba; breaking The United States’ long running policy of not negotiating with terrorists.  There is much criticism surrounding the situation, and the legality of such.  Those responsible for making what is highly considered an illegal action remain in power still, while the terrorist organization will welcome home its allies after a year of hold-over in Qatar.  Statements have been made by some of the five released detainees that they will continue to fight after they return back to Afghanistan.

June, 2014, Just Outside of United States Coastal Waters
Four Russian bombers capable of delivering a nuclear payload skirt the coastal waters near the Aluetian Islands in Alaska, and when confronted by US forces, two split off and headed down the coast line towards California where they were again met by US F-15’s. While these bombers violated no international law and stayed within international air space their practicing of moving bombers that close to American air space can mean only that they are doing attempts at dry runs on what could become an actual bombing. As well they could be testing the fence to see how long it takes to get noticed, how long it takes for the jets to scramble, and judge the timing on how far they could push before heavy resistance is met. Don’t let the lax attitude of the media over this situation fool you. They are practicing.

December 17, 2013, Antarctica
Researchers have found geodes that often lead to diamonds in Antarctica. Antarctica is currently a neutral territory with a ban on mining that stems from The Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 and the Antarctic Treaty System of 2002 keeps militaries off of the continent. Currently, all of the global powers have signed this treaty though if a new world order is establised it would be likely that these accords would be largely ignored. “Russia, Ukraine and China, among other countries, have been more active in surveying Antarctica in recent years”.

October 14, 2013, Syria
Well filmed, high quality videos begin to surface on Youtube documenting attacks, raids, and ambushes being conducted by ISIS.  The film features tactics not seen by any other terrorist organization to date and are overt and deadly.  These groups closely resemble hit squads and move in an organized manner.  The following video should only be viewed by adults.
Many more videos have surfaced like this.  Including documentation of them hunting known American supporters and Iraqi Army members.

June, 2014, Iraq
ISIS begins sacking Iraqi cities.  Mosul and Tikrit have been overwhelmed and the aim is towards Baghdad next.  Their actions have been greatly ignored lately in the wake of the the Bowe Bergdahl situation and the group has been greatly underestimated.

ISIS continues to steamroll and the decision is made to evacuate the American Embassy in Baghdad.

ISIS has garnered such fear that even Iran intends to get involved in the situation in Iraq
All of these things that have been occuring that every liberal thinks is just the right side pounding the war drum has been leading to one big situation.  Stop letting party politics blind you.  This group, ISIS, has been building and building and seeing everything that is occuring around them.  Finally they have the courage to start attacking cities in Iraq because they have seen how The United States has been reacting to events lately, and they have learned that more than likely we are going to want to stay out of the fight.

Meanwhile, we as a country have been occupied by the an increasingly beneficial welfare system which gave people the most modern cell phones available, civil rights movment for the LBGT community (that’s not me knocking them because I believe everyone should be treated equal across the board, but it has made for a great diversion), a free healthcare system that will never work properly and bogs down the medical system, raising minimum wage to a whopping fifteen dollars an hour (10 more an hour than I made when I worked in high school), and now getting people released from paying on student loans.  There’s about to be some big things happen, but we’re too busy fighting ourselves as a nation to notice them.  I urge you to please pay attention to what is happening around you.  For those of you that did ask my opinion on certain issues lately, I praise you for taking the time to acknowledge something is happening that doesn’t seem right.  For those of you still too busy playing candy crush, maybe you should hop on some news feeds for at least five minutes out of your day.  This is your world.  You live here too.  What happens over there WILL effect your lives.  It will effect the lives of those you love.  It will be the world that is left for your children.  Do you want to be old and grey and asked by your grandchildren what you were doing when the next holocaust occured and your answer be playing a stupid game on your phone?  I don’t expect everyone to up and take action, but please at least attempt to educate yourselves on the developing situation.  I always wanted to go back to Iraq one day, in hopes to see how it has changed; much like the veterans that just returned to Normandy on the 70th anniversary.  I didn’t want my return there to be because I have to fight again.  Don’t let what I did in Iraq over the last ten years be a waste.
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