There is nothing worse than glitter.  However, a close runner up is being stopped at a stop light, right next to some overly religious person who was able to gather enough wits (and a marker and some cardboard) to plaster together a misconstrued, out of context, bible quote and effectively rape my visual apparatus.  It infuriates me to think that just because you found Jesus when he was lost on the land nav course that you suddenly need to come to a street corner and blast your anti-whatever-the-fuck in my face.  If I was that eager to hear the good word of God I would go to church myself, or simply pick up one of eight billion copies of the book and read it for myself.  I do not need your cliff notes, thank you though for offering them.

gayLike this guy.  In case you didn’t know “…” in a quote like that means that there was a part willingly left out.  This quote could have in fact said something like, “Marriage is honourable even if it is man and man.  Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.  Man shall also cleave unto another man: and they shall be one flesh.”  Yeah, it probably doesn’t really say that, but how do you know when he has purposefully omitted parts to make this fit his agenda?

This particular group aside, I generally am irritated by most people that have to make their cause known in fifteen words or less on some ridiculous sign.  I don’t like protesters with signs, despite their cause.  I am not a fan of people cramming their scheme in everyone’s face.  I view these overly obnoxious displays as a sign of low intelligence.  Had they been able to properly present themselves and their cause there would be no reason for a person to be standing on a corner attempting to get their message across to a bunch of people who don’t give a fuck.  Who are you to go out and tell a bunch of people they are wrong on an opinionated topic?  Furthermore, going back to the religious nuts, who the fuck do you think you are to shame a woman away from an abortion clinic?  That’s her body, her struggle.  If she can’t handle it, then that is her responsibility to prevent.  I don’t want to hear you pro-life fuckers crying when over population causes the downfall of our species either.  That mess will be partially on your heads.

Thanks to this marvelous wonder of technology called the internet, we now have a new form of standing around with signs that saves people from actually having to stand around with signs!  Social media has effectively made it easy for the likes of such modern idealists to socially infect other people on a global scale within a matter of seconds.  Unfortunately, these global viruses only tend to last a small exponent of the time it took to spread.  Within a week I saw the rise and decline of this picture:Bring-Back-Our-GirlsLast I read there had been no progress made in the situation involving the Nigerian girls taken by Boko Haram; as you can tell, these signs, despite the hands of the person they are in, accomplish nothing towards creating an outcome.  Sure, you might raise some awareness, but it is laughable to imagine a group of terrorists, sitting around and playing on facebook (I bet they send game requests too, the fuckers) seeing this picture and its multitude of shares, and being like, “Habib, we should really give those girls back.  Look how many people are asking us to!”  No, these guys don’t give a shit that you took 5.2 seconds to poorly write a hashtag and post your picture.  If anything, they probably think the awareness is going to allow them to get their way.
T0 make matters worse, the First Lady (as pictured), while not near as powerful as her husband, will still have some pull with news networks.  Do you seriously mean to tell me that she can’t call a press conference and verbally appeal to the terrorists, the masses, and the leaders in Nigeria to settle this quickly and peacefully?  All of that power, but such a lack of responsibility.  I don’t want to speak poorly of the President’s wife, but this sort of response is worrisome given her status and position.

Then, of course, there was the initial sign response from military members to action in Syria.  Yes, its their civil war.  No, its not our fight.  Yes, there is a sect of Syrian rebels that was supported by Al-Quesadilla.  Woopity-do!  As a service member you aren’t given the right to pick and choose what battles and conflicts that you want to participate in.  We go where we are told.  We accomplish the mission that is asked of us.  We fight, we win, we leave the politics to the politicians.  Unfortunately, more ass clowns with signs pop up.
militaryTo make matters worse in this instance, these individuals feign strength through standing up for what they think is right.  However, in the process they actually showed their weak compositions by hiding their faces behind their shitty-made signs, while at the same time showing their lack of integrity, courage, honor, duty, and selfless service.  These character traits that military men and women should embody were flushed down the proverbial shitter, like a taco tuesday dump.  What happens when these goons deploy anyways to a conflict they don’t agree with?  How many lives are they going to put in danger because they have reservations about doing their job?  How many lives will it take before they finally come-to and realize that your personal politics don’t matter in a war?  The enemy will kill you just the same.

Needless to say there are a plethora of ridiculous people out there who all want to get their message out but simply just can’t get it across in an intelligent manner.  Some who more or less have a heightened sense of themselves.  Some who are probably making statements just to be popular.  And the of course some who simply just have no idea what they are even referring to.  Among these remarkable idiots, there are a few people using their own ridiculous tactics against them in an effort to garner a real response to whatever the impending topic is.  Here are a few examples of such, just to close this on a positive note.  Some of these are simply funny, some of them are really trying to make a change.  Personally, I hope those are the ones that succeed in making action happen.




and of course this guy!



One thought on “Signs

  1. If you are familiar with the quote that is attributed to Orwell that says “men sleep peaceably in their beds because rough men stand ready and willing to do violence on their behalf” well if you #roughmen you are no greeted with a worn out warriors image taken in some foreign land but rather a man cleave unto another man so not also do hashtags not work you have to be prepared for the consequences that’s what you see when you click them is often not what you expect.


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