Just Private Things…


I’ve considered making a series of memes before based on the tumblr images “Just Girly Things”.  The series would be called “Just Private Things” and document all the stupid things that privates do.  If this was to be a real thing, this week’s meme would have to go to one of the battalion mortar privates.
This young lad, who is also under 21, had been sneaking into local bars, come to find out.  Apparently, during this time frame he had made a few enemies at these establishments.   Over the course of the last week, him and a few friends in a different unit had brainstormed a plan to rob one particular individual.  They managed to get a handgun, and waited outside of the bar until around 2 in the morning and robbed this guy at gun point… wearing chewbacca masks.
Well like most people leaving the bar at 2 in the morning, the guy only had about the approximate amount he needed for cab fair home.  Turns out that he only made off with 27 bucks.  And as an astute drunk, despite being held up by the wookie gang at gun point, he was able to recognize the guys car that they got into and knew it was his.  So, by the next morning the police had tracked him down and we know how the rest goes.   Oh and if all of that wasn’t enough the kid was also drunk underage, which the Army and local police have been cracking down on lately.

This big bundle of fuckery leads me to the “Just Private Things” meme of:
“Armed Robbery While Underage Drinking and Illegal Possession of a Firearm While Wearing Wookie Masks and Only Stealing 27 Dollars”

Just Private Things




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