Recently, after having dropped my phone in the bath tub (lets not worry about the how), I had to finally update to a more modern phone than my beloved blackberry torch.  The transition and all the cool new features of my new pgone prompted my wife to trade in her iphone 4 as well.  Well, attempt to.  This is when we discovered that apple is a psycho ex-girlfriend in technological form.

She attempted to switch from an apple product to an android system, we’ll not dable on which one.   Initially, she loved the phone, though with the expected minor differences from what she was accustomed to.  No big deal.  Until she found that other people with iphones were receiving her messages, but she wasn’t getting theirs.  Turns out this is a very common problem with the switch and it should be resolved if the other party deletes their text message thread.   Sounds simple enough.  Wrong there.  Tried that and the messages were still not coming through like apple was saying,”If you’re not going to talk to me no one is going to talk to you”.  This sounds only mildly frustrating until you consider that pretty much everyone in her immediate family owns an iphone as well as our babysitter, and the majority of her friends.

We continued to try and make the phone work.  She contacted AT&T, they were stumped and said the problem was on apple’s end.  We contacted apple, they said the problem should be resolved, it wasn’t.   We even tried looking up on youtube how to go about fixing this problem and getting the psycho ex phone from following her.  The only answers we got from the endless resources of the internet were that most people that encountered this problem just went back to using an iphone.  Seriously?  This phone is a crazy bitch.  It went about eliminating everyone communicating with her to the point that it left us no reason but to go back and change back to an iphone.  Which she did and got an iphone 5.

Now, normally you would think this would be the end of the problems.   But anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a crazy person knows it is never that easy.  Once the crazy takes hold, its always going to be there.
She brings home this new phone all proud and pink in its lifeproof case.  New and shiney like a Christmas morning toy.  Of course she tested to make sure that it texts people properly this time before leaving the store.  Everything seems great, until she decided to try to upload her apple id and back up all of her old apps. Oh boy the crazy came back.

Apparently, along the way apple wanted her to delete her old apple id to try and fix the problem.  This idea also included creating a new one to which all of her apps were transferred.  Sounds great, until the crazy came back.  Her new phone will only allow her to try to log into the old id, instead of the new one.  Her old id is shut down, thus making it so she can’t log in, and her new one (holding all of her back up stuff) isnt being accessed by her phone.  Not only did apple just force her to come back, its now punishing her for ever having left in the first place.  This is an abusive relationship if I have ever seen one.

I’m now waiting for the phone to start cutting itself.

Really though, these companies are given so much control over our lives thats its ridiculous.   Its silly to think that a brand would get so spiteful that they might actually purposefully force you back to using their products and then willfully cause there to be issues.  It sounds silly, but in a competitive market with the childish upstarts i’ve seen that are stepping into jobs like such, is it really so unbelievable to think that a brand could be a sore loser?  I dont put it past apple to have actually been so malicious and passive aggeessive as to screw with peoples transitions.  I might be dead wrong on this, and I hope I am, but after trying to figure out the initial issue and seeing that this happens all the time and people are forced back to their phones its difficult to think its just a convenient accident.

That being said, I would avoid apple for future purchases if I were you.   Unless you want a whole lot of cray cray in your day.


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