New Year’s Revolution

Well, here it is.  2014.  A new year, new bunch of resolutions that people will fall through on.  It happens each year, without fail.  At this point if any of us are surprised it is your own fault for believing any of them possible.

Onward, however.


More and more, I see new people coming forth with idealistic views towards government, big business, democrats, republicans, gays, races, religions, and pretty much every sort of difference that you can imagine between two people and any sort of reason not to get along.  Its mildly disturbing, that so many people are falling into this propagated mindset, but if you want to be led and be sheeple, carry-on. I would propose to you that you stop listening to what every one else is saying, stop marching to the drums of war, and make your own observations.  Is the news trust-worthy?  Not particularly, but if you can read in between what is being said you might take away a bit of information that ties into something else.  However, first you must stop being concerned with such malicious garbage as being concerned with people like Phil Robertson (those of you who may not know, care, or are reading this after this issue has died down; he made a statement in GQ about gays and their inability to get to heaven).  Lets put it this way, if they are mentioned in The Enquirer, you should probably not value their opinion unless you want advice on acting or the music industry.  Celebrities aren’t politicians, and politicians should never be celebrities.  While I’m at it, stop holding celebrities in such high regard in general.  There are better people out there to idolize than Lil Wayne.

Regardless of that, the big thing as of late that has really caught my attention has been an influx of groups of would be revolutionaries.  As noble as the sentiment is, the concept behind it is ridiculous.  When you have to try to drum up support by taping up a print up ad with pull tabs providing a facebook page on the doors of walmart what sort of revolutionaries do you perceive that you are going to draw to your cause?  The ones I, and others as well, envision will be drawn to this shallow attempt are a bunch of backwoods, good ol’ boys, that like to drink beer and shoot guns.  The bunch that only wants a revolution because of the face value that a black president ran this country to the ground.  The bunch that shows up to the group meeting in armored hoverounds.   And certainly the ones that have been laughed out of every serious group they may have ever contacted.  Honestly though, what these groups actually intend to accomplish is far from possible.  What sort of plan do you have?  What is your goal?  Impeaching the President?  If it hasn’t happened yet, your band of miscreants is not likely to make it happen before his term is over.  Even if it did happen, and you overthrew the government, what is your plan afterwards?  Mass anarchy?  That aside, if anyone considered your group that much of a threat, after NDAA has been re-approved, you would just go away.  Drop your hook in shallow water, and the best you will get is small fish.

I’ve also had examples given though which inspire hope. A certain few individuals that seem to have the right mindset and outlook.  Starting a revolution is short sighted.  Surviving the downfall that is likely to eventually happen anyways, that is where your money should be.  Guys(neuter) that are out there training to survive.  Guys that are out there getting involved with communities.  Guys that are planning communities.  Guys that are learning valuable skills that a community needs.  Those are going to be the ones standing when things finally go south.  Stop inciting panic and subversion, and figure out how you can actually make an improvement, instead of blowing smoke and being a keyboard warrior.

All great nations fall in their own time.  Where are you going to be when it happens again?  Are you going to be ready?


A custom jacket for most modern revolutionaries.

One of the vehicles used by the local mechanized revolutionary unit.


Yet another vehicle used by the local mechanized revolutionary unit.
Coming to a revolution near you!


14 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolution

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  2. Love the wisdom of this. I have been saying this on WRSA for the last year. If I had a nickle for every wanker blogger who said something like “There’s going to be a fight” or “I can hardly wait” I would be rich by now. Civil war is the worst thing possible and if such happens, it makes the entry of the Russians or Chinese from either coast that more likely because if we beat each other down, we will be easy prey for whoever sweeps in next. We cannot afford to let this happen. However, we need to get our minds around the fact that a financial collapse is very likely if you do the math. If a collapse happens, the hand-out culture will die and there will be major unrest. Very likely localized unrest in various cities who have survived on the welfare state. Other areas of the country will likely be quiet and remain productive. The free-loaders and the leaders who helped foster that culture need to be put down and held accountable in such a situation. People will die, but not anything like the level of a civil war. Once order is restored, then there needs to be Nuremberg-style trials for the leaders who ran this country into the ground. We also need to decide who is morally sound enough to lead us forward. A new cadre of thugs and oligarchs will not solve anything. Also, Constitutional protections must be restored and the right to vote must be in line with you ability to produce. If you want to go on welfare, you lose the right to vote, automatically. No democracy can survive if the freeloaders have say over how the producers must conduct their lives. This must stop or else it will repeat itself in another 50 years.


  3. Pretty good advice. I disagree on a couple of points, however. What is pushing us to the brink of conflict is not a bunch of airheads taking advantage of the system; it is a full-on organized infiltration by what I call the Marxist Mafia — but they are “Marxist:” only because that is the ideology the low-information types, who constitute the majority, will buy. The globalists don’t give a damn for political ideology; they will sell whatever the proletariat will buy as long as the proletariat let them run it. They’ve been at this for nearly 150 years and since WWII they REALLY began infiltrating the U.S. Senate so they could get an incompetent jackass run by political operatives in the office and no one could impeach him. (And I don’t care what color he is; I would vote for Allen West in a New York second.) That being the case, yes, there is going to be a financial collapse; that is what they are doing their level best to accomplish. That is the purpose of ObamaCare; that is the purpose of spending us into oblivion since FDR sucked up Woodrow Wilson’s socialism. That being the case, no, the financial system is not going to collapse quietly with a body count much less than the civil war; because when it collapse the know-nothings on welfare are going to riot and big-city local governments are going to collapse and a LOT of people are going to die, first the producers, then the takers who killed them. And when that happens there will be martial law and the first thing the Marxists will do is suspend Social Security, disability payments, welfare, SNAP, WIC, and all the rest of it, secure FEMA regions I and II, and then Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) will issue an ultimatum to the rest of the States to get with the program and feed the worthless or be considered an enemy. And he has the nuclear suitcase. I don’t think our military will let him do it no matter how many patriotic flag officers he purges; they’ll come to our side. But even if they don’t the result will be more than catastrophic. And as the commenter above pointed out, we will be ripe for invasion, and the S.O.B. infesting our White House will probably invite them in.


    • Ive seen a few good points mentioned so far, and rather than going down an itemized list, I’ll leave it with financial collaspe isnt going to be victimless. Riots will happen. Vandalism and looting goes hand-in-hand. Normal people, your neighbors, your friends, will turn into rabid animals to protect their stake and provide shelter, food, and water for their own families. Likely, they will even try to claim other people’s necessities as their own by any means nevessary. The government is going to have its own big plans and will likely enter a civil war. However, my personal advice would be let the factions slug it out and sustain in the meantime. They will carve out their pie slice with or without you and its just as easy to do without you in their way. That’s why I say learn how to build your community. Be the mayor of your own township if you have the ideation to do so. Or contribute to someone elses’. But dont think your small community is going to fight off the resources of a national faction. Just learn to survive the idiots who think they are bigger than what they actually are.


      • I pretty well agree with that. But they will get around to the low-profile folks sooner or later; if not the starving hordes then the drug cartels, and if not the drug cartels then the town leadership wanting to confiscate everything so they can dole out what’s left to their friends. I most certainly would not want to be a member of a town government when TSHTF, but networking with the neighbors and becoming known as someone who knows what’s going on, but not known as someone with a stash, is a good idea.


  4. Metropolitan areas are going to be death traps in those regards, yes. And those places will be where political idealists, factions, and cartels/gangs will thrive. Knowing that, why submit yourself to a lack of resources? Get out of there. You think a town of two thousand people is going to riot? No, not unless threatened by an outside source. The people that would are going to seek fellow rioters and consolidate in the metros. Lets put it this way, if your town saw more than 25 people show up to an “Occupy” rally, then you probably want to move someone else when TSHTF. Stashing and secluded land are a great idea, though, but I’m not saying anything else about that so that I’m not giving away my own secrets. I want others to succeed, but not at the expense of my own success.


  5. Lucky Rogue makes one of the the points I have been preaching for awhile. What is interesting are two comments on
    the re-post of this over at WRSA. Did Peter read this before he posted it ? I bet this had S.K ‘s knickers in a twist.
    Though I am among the “good old boys who like to drink beer and shoot guns”, lots of good old girls do too. So what if we like to make things go bang and boom and have a few beers ? I do like his reason and
    logic regarding the plethora of internet warriors who like to flap their yaps but then never show up when you hold
    meetings. If you can’t get them to come to a simple meeting, how in hell can you count on them when things really get hairy ? Way I see it, its a pervasive nationwide problem and not just limited to us “good old boys”.


  6. To be fair Dave, the good ol’ boys aren’t also the bad bunch. However, there are some that form a gun club with an inkling of patriotism and tall talk. These are the ones that give that generalization a bad name, and quite frankly annoy the piss out of me. Gun clubs should be gun clubs, constitutionalist groups should be focused on that.


  7. I agree that some elements of the patriot movement are caught in a one-up-manship with the govt Obama. The more they hate the govt., the more it hates them and spy’s on them and then the Patriots become more paraniod, for good reason. Instead of semi-threats of FLEA, the patriots should throw facts at these blogs. Such as, there are no patriot flash mobs. Patriots are some of the most law abiding people in this country. Attacks on the Tea party should be countered with the facts of the lefts ‘tea party’, the Occupy wall street movement. Almost no Tea party people have been arrested and certainly not at any events. Where as the Occupy movement is in a frenzy of violence and rape with hundreds of felony arrests while taking part in actual Occupy events, not on there ‘own’ time.
    We are due for another recession, and with Obamacare spurring the economy down, places like Illinois, already bankrupt, could disinegrate into chaos soon. The public unions there are ‘weaponizing’, in there own words. They mean to attack the very taxpayers that pay their salaries and gigantic pensions with strikes and chaos.
    The govt has to be told that the violence in this country comes from, and will come from, the zip codes that voted 80% or more for Obama. That’s where the govt is spending most of its money on welfare and crime problems. There are no Patriots in those zip codes.
    The Patriot movement will lose a ‘piss!ng contest with Obama. The Patriot movement should stay sane, and prepared. So when Illinois goes to hell, they can’t blame us.
    The Rainman


    • With out sounding condescending, because I am certainly no expert in economics or politics, I would say most of that statement was common knowledge to any one that isn’t swept up in the fanatics of their own movement. Unfortunately, too many people are. The most productive movement most of those people will ever be involved with is a bowel movement.
      That aside, I prefer to stay out of the political side of things and what is leading us to the down fall. Partially I avoid this because of still being active in the military, the other part is that its maddening. I’m sure of the inevitable end, so why waste years of my life trying to prevent what others are working so hard to fuck up? Rather, my focus goes towards how am I going to come out on top if things go south. How will I ensure my family’s survival? Pissing on the door of the White House certainly will make you a marked man, and in a police state (which is bound to happen when the struggle for control starts) marked men will either disappear or be openly persecuted.


      • And when the marked men become the targets of the police state; their fate makes it clear to the rest of the sheeple that they are living in a police state, and more and more people are motivated to do something about it. I would wager there were a whole lot of people during Hitler’s rampage who said “I won’t fight him when it is possible to fight him; I’ll hide in the corner with my family and hope to come out on top when it is all over.” I don’t think there were very many opponents of Hitler who rationalized themselves into that mindset who survived, and there won’t be very many who survive Obama if they think they can stay undercover. You fight him now, when fighting him is legal and justified and has a chance of at least exposing and inhibiting his agenda, or you become another Reverend Niemoller.


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