My Daughter’s First Range Day

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I love shooting.  I can go blow off some rounds like its nobody’s business, and fairly accurately at that.  Part of the reason why I wanted to be a sniper so badly was that I thoroughly enjoy shooting.  Well, as long as its not a micromanaged Army range that is.  Some ranges in the military are comparable to eating a well done steak; dry, bland, and leaves a burnt taste in your mouth.  However, shooting at your own pace and running the drills you want (in a relatively safe manner given consideration to being a firearms trained adult with common sense) is like eating a rare filet mignon; juicy, flavorful, and delicious.

Now, given this prior knowledge, you can expect that I am entirely hopeful that my daughter (and other future children) likes shooting guns as well.  Having just turned one, she is obviously too young to be out there running around with an AK47, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to start inoculating her to what could potentially be a scary event to a child.  So when I got the text from Sam the other day saying he wanted to go zero his FN AR, I was all too eager to take the rest of the family out as well.

It started off with the day being a little more chilly than we expected, and after short drive out to the middle of no where we arrived at the spot where Sam likes to go shoot.  Of course, no good spot goes unnoticed and like many time before the spot where we were going to shoot was already populated.  Luckily they were wrapping up, and before long we were setting up.  The wife and I decided that because of the weather we would leave our daughter in the car with Elmo (who she loves) playing on the ipad and the heater running.  She was all too happy to sit there watching Elmo’s World, while Sam and I started popping off shots.

After a bit of shooting and figuring out Sam bought a scope that couldn’t handle shooting .308, we resigned the FN AR and switched to blasting targets with assault rifles.  Pretty soon we had talked my wife into getting out there and shooting some rounds off with my AK and I was left to keep an eye on my daughter.  Well of course, me being me, I like to push my limits and decided to bring my daughter out to see her mommy shoot.  I put my ear pro on her and brought her out to watch.

It didn’t phase her a bit!  If anything she gave a concerned look towards why her mommy was making that sound, but otherwise she just watched and soaked it all in.  All I could think is “that’s my kid!”  Her lack of a typical toddler’s reaction of shock and fear made me a very proud father that day, and I hope that she continues this way as she grows older, but that’s for her to decide.  Until then, I’ll keep giving her little doses of experience with firearms here and there.  If nothing else, she’s at least going to develop the courage and sense that she doesn’t need to fear guns, like many in society would have her believe.


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