Summing Up Sniper Rifles; A Penis Size Comparison

Everyone loves the .50 cal. When they think of a sniper rifle that is the definitive gun that people picture. Its huge! It can reach out a great distance! It does a metric ass ton of damage when it impacts! Right, but its also long, heavy, cumbersome, and is annoyingly loud to the point that it will give you a migraine and has been known to make the shooter bleed from the ears. Generally, it leads to an disappointing and unpleasant experience.
However, a smaller rifle for example, the M24 or M40, which fires a smaller round (7.62×51). It is more accurate, lighter, shorter, quieter (and can be easily silenced for that matter) and just doesn’t have the unnecessary distance of the Barrett.
Every body gets all excited and wants to shoot the Barrett cause they’ve heard its big and busts shit up. But what anyone who knows what they’re doing will tell you, its better to be skillful with the smaller gun and nail the sweet spot, rather than smash through things with the big one, hoping you hit your mark.


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