He’s Not Gonna Be Gunny Tomorrow!

So a quickie before bed and a wonderful day of training tomorrow.


Once upon a time I actually ate at the 2nd Marine Regiment chow hall.  (I don’t recommend it).   So a few of us were walking back after eating what I’m sure became indigestion later.  The usual crowd, if memory serves me right, of Perkins, Micky, and myself.  It was all of about 800 meters to get back to the barracks so walking was an easy option since parking sucked over there anyways.  The walk back consisted of crossing the parking lots of 2/2, and ours, 1/2.  As we meandered our way through the lot we happened upon a 7 ton, unloading a bunch of guys out of the side.  Kind of curious as tactical vehicles usually didn’t enter that parking lot with everyone’s POV’s.  As we approached, we of course heard the typical yelling and carrying on of NCO’s that are motivating their marines to move faster.  Well it seemed that way until we got into view of the picture above.  Then the typical yelling was interpreted to be yelling at the driver, and yelling to get out of the area and not touch anything to make it worse.
Things are always funny when its not you getting the ass chewing.  So of course, what did this trio of jokers do?  Laughed our asses off as we walked by.  We got some looks, but what were they gonna say?  You just back a 7 ton truck into a 1st SGT’s SUV!  So no one said shit to us, even as I pulled out my cell phone and snapped this picture.  As we continued past we heard someone yell at the guys, “Hey!  Make sure you go see Gunny before you take off!”, and oh, I just couldn’t help myself.
Without hesitation or remorse I yelled back, “Yeah!  Cause he’s not gonna be Gunny tomorrow!”

Heads were hung.  Pride was wounded.  The entire back end of an SUV was demolished.  And I would imagine many asses were chewed.  I went back and took a nap.  The end.


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